DOT Repeat Visits for Clearance

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only fair
It is understood that there will be no additional charge.
Since we are putting a hold on the decision that the company was charged for we would not want to "double charge".
We hand out a notice prior to DOT exam stating that the exam fee is not refundable if they fail the exam for whatever reason or if they are not cleared due to the need of additional testing. If they need addiitonal tesing, we give them a short 3 month clearance and inform them, that they will need a new DOT examination by the end of the 3 months - wherever they choose to go.
We have had no complaints as we notify them up front of how our system works.
Our DOT examination business is booming!
We just look at the info brought back and make the call, usually to clear for driving. Can do it so quick can't imagine charging.

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