Pay Differential for Night/Weekend/Holiday work

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we are considering this
Time and a half for major holidays
minor holidays incremental
major holidays 11/2
We close on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day and Easter
Since we are open 7 days a week with extended hours we pay the agreed upon rate at time of hire plus 1.5 times base for hours beyond 40 per week. The providers are not compensated at overtime rates.
Union contract dictated. SEIU and Ca Nurse Assoc.
Time and a half on holidays
1.5 x regular pay per hour on 6 major holidays
Contracted providers are paid at their contracted rate irregardless of shift time/day of week or number of patients
The evening shift begins if the majority of the total hours worked are after 3pm.
Weekend differential is +$1.00 per hour for ancillary staff. (Nothing is added for providers). Holiday pay is a time and a half.
Nurses get $2.00 per hour on weekends. This does not appear to make a difference-it is left over from years ago. No one else gets any additional pay on weekends. This is set up like an ER-every day is equal and the same. Patients are entitled to the same quality care on the weekends as on the weekdays.
we pay double time when they work the day of the holiday. however, if they do not work the holiday and are short a day we pay holiday time to complete the 40 hours. . If they have the 40 hours and do not work the holiday they do not get paid for the holiday.

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