Antibiotic Prescriptions in Urgent Care

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Do you think urgent care physicians are inappropriately prescribing antibiotics? Please comment:

some urgent care physicians may
We prescribe many antibiotics due to patient demand. We are working on changing our habits. Decreasing antibiotics for bronchitis is much harder than for pharyngitis or URI symptoms
Yes, in an attempt to improve business, we are hurting more pts than helping by giving them abx for URI's and bronchitis.
I primarily use midlevel providers and they do a very good job not inappropriately prescribing antibiotics. I educate them and insist on this type of practice.
Absolutely, I'm outside of the patient satisfaction curve because of my adherence to the guidelines while many of my colleages prescribe antibiotics "on request" and occasionally even when they are not expected "to make sure the patient is happy".
Sometimes I do when patients insist they feel pressured. My physicians and staff attempt to educate clients and even give them a handout.
However it's a no win situation for patients and physicians.
In this time of patient satisfaction, you have patients demanding antibiotics and administrators demanding higher patient satisfaction, so it is becoming harder to do what is right. However, I refuse to practice medicine for a good survey, I want to do what is needed and right for the patient.
I think most urgent care midlevels and physicians are inappropriately prescribing antibiotics, including my colleagues I work with. Patients expect antibiotics now for the most trivial colds, and it is exhausting having the same mind-numbing conversation with patients who are convinced they know better than a doctor what they need.
Sometimes. Patients don't always have primary care for followup nor can they afford a repeat visit if their symptoms worsen. So, there are times I may give them a prescription to "hold" and use if there symptoms worsen. This is not reflected in the statistics. It just shows an rx for abx was written.
yes..i'll often write a rx for "conditional" antibiotics.
Some are for the reasons above.
No, I do not believe that the physicians are inappropriaely prescribing antibiotics. Patients need education on the dangers of antibiotic resistance not just one on one with the physicians. Marketing of urgent care centers should advertise about antibiotic abuse and use delayed prescriptions for patients with viral illnesses, instead of being afraid that the patient satisfaction surveys may reflect a negative response.
Yes. In my experience patients get upset if they are not leaving with a script for antibiotics. No one wants to her it's viral it should past with time. Patients state, I woke up this morning with a sore throat and want a Z-pack. I usually give in because most will complain if you don't

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