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How does this center verify hardship if it accepts charity cases?

We are direct-pay only. No insurance billing for any visits.
Application process.
Free care is provided to patients whose total annual income is at or below 200% of the federal proverty line. This is the policy of our nonprofit, Catholic, health system. Patients must apply for and be approved by the system to receive this free care. Other discounts are made for patients without insurance on a sliding scale who are above 200% of the FPL.
Our health system has a charity policy which identify's on a sliding scale dependant's and annual salary's.
Regarding the previous question, none of the above options apply. We are offering an affordable flat case rate, all inclusive, for self-pay patients.

We do not accept charity cases.
maybe, not formal and no policy
I thought sliding scale was
We do not accept charity, if they present with no insurance they must pay 100.00 up front. If they call the next day we will discount the bill if paid in full.
It does not offer. A fixed "cash pay" amount is used on all cash pay patients.
We are hospital based and under EMTALA so we accept everyone and hospital bills later.
We rely on patient honor for the discount.
We don't provide free 'charity' cases, everyone must pay something.
Use Federal Poverty guidelines x 200%
Clinic does not accept charity cases.
We don't grant hardships. We have a flat fee for cash pay new pts and established pts.

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