Testimonials of Past Fellowships
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"The fellowship was a terrific opportunity to fully immerse myself in the rapid growing field of urgent care. The one-year program allowed me to gain the type of knowledge base and comfort level that would have taken much longer to develop had I gone straight into practice."  

Dr. Alexander Nathanson, 2014-2015 Urgent Care Fellow

"The Urgent Care Fellowship has been a great experience! After one year of multiple rotations in acute settings, my level of confidence in taking care of patients has significantly increased.  At the same time, I have become more efficient in developing a systematic approach to target the most common problems in the urgent care and more adept at recognizing very acute patients needing transfer to a hospital.

No amount of theoretical explanation from a textbook can substitute the experience of day- to- day managing of patients with a myriad of symptoms, obvious and not." Dr. John Peralta (2012-2013 fellow)

"In oral and maxillofacial surgery, I learned how to perform a submandibular block.  In ophthalmology, I learned how to remove a foreign body, such as a shard of metal, from the eye.  In the pediatric emergency room, I learned many useful tricks of the trade, such as how to talk to children and calm down their parents long enough to perform a physical exam and suture lacerations.  In occupational medicine, I learned the political and financial pressures that bear into the decisions that I must make and also how to fill out the all-important FROI and DOT forms.  In orthopedics, I learned what common fractures are stable or unstable and how soon they need to be followed-up on.  In ENT, I learned how to perform infraorbital and mental nerve blocks before suturing lacerations of the lip.  I was also taught advanced techniques in laceration repair that I would have never mastered without this fellowship." Dr. Simon Tanksley (2012-2013 fellow)

"The experience during the fellowship training gave me immense confidence to manage any complicated case with ease. Therefore, I recommend Urgent care Fellowship to all who are interested in practising urgent care." Dr. Mohammed Mohiuddin (2012-2013 fellow)

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