CUC Frequently Asked Questions
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CUC Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the purpose of UCA’s Certified Urgent Care Program?

UCA’s Certified Urgent Care Program was designed to help centers differentiate themselves and to help the industry overall establish a baseline definition for urgent care centers.

2. Urgent Care facilities with the CUC designation will have:

    Currently, Certification is not a requirement for opening an urgent care in any state. However, some payers are beginning to require the designation and/or accept it in lieu of portions of their own credentialing process. Therefore, Certification may be a way to participate as an in-network provider for select payers.  Insurers may have their own criteria as to the location code that should be your clinic’s identifier when billing.  We recommend that you confer with your payers to determine what is preferred, or in some cases, required.


    3. What is the difference between Certification and Accreditation?

    Urgent Care Certification defines WHAT an urgent care center is. Accreditation symbolizes meeting SAFETY, QUALITY and SCOPE standards. For more information, access this chart or refer to the UCA Accreditation program.


    4. Can I obtain UCA’s Certification prior to opening an urgent care?

    Yes, UCA offers a Pre-Opening Certification designation.


    5. Do you have to be a UCA member to become a Certified Center?

    No, there is a separate Certification Application Fee for non-members. If you pay the non-member application rate, it does not automatically make you a UCA member. UCA membership dues are handled separately on an annual renewal period.

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