Annual Compliance Review Program for Accredited Urgent Care Centers
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UCA and the Urgent Care Services Corporation announce the Annual Compliance Review (ACR) program for accredited urgent care centers.

 The Urgent Care Services Corporation (UCSC) has been established for the purpose of providing consulting services for accreditation and other needs that may arise within an urgent care center.

As a result, UCSC is pleased to offer preparatory consulting to organizations seeking accreditation as well a new consulting program targeted specifically for its accredited organizations, the Annual Compliance Review (ACR) program. The goal of this optional ACR service is to assist organizations in maintaining compliance with accreditation standards and expectations.  It is offered on an annual basis during the three-year period between an organization's site survey and re-survey.   It will also provide an opportunity to gain clarity around new or revised standards.

The Annual Compliance Review program offers a minimum of a one hour telephone call with an experienced surveyor and organizational leadership (chosen by the organization). It allows the organization to establish the agenda to determine what they would like to review and any concerns they have. Accredited centers should view the ACR as an “annual wellness check” to support the organization’s success. The consultation is a unique opportunity for organizational leadership to seek guidance directly from an experienced surveyor.

Surveyors will also have an organization’s previous survey letter available with cited standards and Action Items to review (along with documents submitted to demonstrate compliance) to ensure that organizations are maintaining compliance.

Larger organizations or organizations with multiple Action Items following their survey may wish to schedule additional time with the surveyor, available in one hour increments.

Accredited organizations will be contacted by UCSC via email three months prior to the first anniversary of their accreditation to see if they would like to participate in this program.  As previously mentioned, the ACR is entirely optional but highly recommended, especially at the 1 and 2 year anniversary of the previous survey.  Organizations can also contact UCSC to request a compliance review call at any time during their 36 months cycle between surveys.   Participation in this program does not guarantee a successful re-survey, but it will certainly provide guidance for organizations along with the opportunity to discuss corrective action plans in the event an organization (or the surveyor) determines they have not maintained compliance with a standard or expectation.

The cost of this program is $150.00 per hour with a one hour minimum.  If you would like to pursue the ACR program, please complete the acknowledgement form and submit to Taylor Dunn at

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