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Urgent Care Association. Pearls of Wisdom. Who better to share best practices and the latest urgent care industry insights than the vendor experts who serve our industry? 

Vendors provide well-rounded and battle-tested solutions for your unique problems! Save time, money and stress - all while increasing profitability and learning directly from the source. The following recorded webinars have been sponsored by solutions providers as an opportunity for them to share their insights and industry knowledge. They have been provided free of charge, so read on to learn more about the topics, and view the recorded webinars that are of interest to you and your organization.

Are Traditional Diagnostics Limiting Your Growth?

Ryan Roberts

Chief Commercial Officer @Sense Biodetection


Targeting Patients Who Bring the Most Revenue

A Deep Dive into HealthCare Consumer Science, Service Area Analytics, Site Selection and Analytics

Brought to you by PatientBond

Attracting and retaining the highest value patients is critical to a healthy urgent care business. Certain patient types are the most likely to visit an urgent care frequently and seek ongoing services throughout the year, representing the greatest lifetime value for your urgent care center. This webinar will discuss how cutting-edge consumer science and machine learning can identify these patient types in the market you serve. Solutions for engaging these patients will also be presented, with a focus on delivering concrete financial results from increased revenues and reduced costs.


How In-House Lab Testing Can Increase Revenue and Differentiate Your Urgent Care

Date: Jun 3, 2021 11:34 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Brought to you by Medline

Are you missing out on revenue by not doing your labs on-site? Are you missing an opportunity to make your Urgent Care stand out from your competitors? In the face of accelerated growth, what Lab adjustments are trending in Urgent Care?

During this session, you will hear from Medline lab expert and Vice President of Lab Capital, Doug Sharpe, about:

  • The financial advantages of in-house testing, with specific ROI examples
  • Key tests currently run in Urgent Care and additional tests you could be offering – and marketing
  • Insights from the field; what UCs are asking/considering to make onsite testing work for them


4 Emerging Trends for a New Era in Urgent Care

Brought to you by Experity *

After a year of responding to COVID-19 foot traffic and the 2021 coding changes, we’re entering a new era in urgent care. Visit volume is trending downward, coding levels are averaging lower, and clinics are ready to capitalize on net-new patients gained through the pandemic and regain revenue lost after AMA released its guidelines.

Join us to discuss the top emerging trends in urgent care and learn how you can future-proof your business. During this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to modernize your services by integrating longitudinal care
  • How OccMed can drive new patients to your business
  • How your patients’ behaviors are changing and how to respond
  • How strategic partnerships across the industry will set you up for success, no matter the business climate


Implementing SoCal's First Virtual Waiting Line for In-Person Care

Brought to you by Pomelo Health*

George Franklin, Pomelo Health’s Director of Sales and Brian Chao, Chief of Performance Excellence at Exer Urgent Care look back at the record-speed implementation and results of a waiting line management solution at Exer’s 20 locations. You’ll learn how:

  • How the challenges of running an in-person urgent care clinic have evolved in times of the pandemic. 
  • How virtual lines and waiting room management can improve the patient experience.
  • How virtual waiting lines have helped urgent care centers like Exer adhere to new safety measures.


Cash is King: Simplifying the Patient Payment Process in the Digital Age

Brought to you by PatientBond*
Join PatientBond and UCA for a webinar on how to increase patient payments while decreasing bad debt and collection costs.

Integrating CDS to Enhance Provider Workflow and Drive Outcomes

Brought to you by EvidenceCare*
The urgent care setting presents a unique set of challenges from both a business and clinical care perspective. Efficiently managing the volume of patients while working with thinner margins leaves urgent care leaders seeking to do more with less without affecting the quality of care. Emergency physician and former urgent care owner, Dr. Brian Fengler, shares how EvidenceCare delivers patient-specific clinical decision support within the provider’s workflow to reduce clinical variability, streamline clinical documentation, enhance the patient experience, and propel continuity of care within their urgent care setting.

What Urgent Cares Can Learn About Patient Experience from the Restaurant Business

Brought to you by Experity*
From the outside looking in, urgent care and fast food have absolutely nothing to do with each other. But when you take a closer look, it's easy to see the similarities. Hungry customers have a need to get some food fast. Urgent care customers have a need to visit a doctor fast. Both customers want convenience and a good experience end-to-end. In this webinar, hosted by Experity's Tristan Davis with special guest Andrew Shenk from Deaconess Health Systems, you'll hear how you can successfully navigate the waiting experience and how Deaconess strategically improved the patient experience with technology and a vision that put the customer at the center of their business.


How Urgent Care Can Operate Like the World's Most Successful Consumer and Retail Companies

Brought to you by PatientBond*
Psychographic Segmentation allows an urgent care clinic to target and engage current and prospective patients according to these characteristics, and this is an approach used by Procter & Gamble, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens to successfully influence and change consumer behaviors. This presentation will provide an overview of one of the only proven and actionable psychographic segmentation models in healthcare with case studies covering its application in urgent care, amplifying patient acquisition, loyalty and payment collections.


Take Control of Your Online Reputation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Handling Negative Reviews

Brought to you by Podium*
If you are letting online reviews come in organically, you are vulnerable to the rare patient that had a bad experience when most of them leave your clinic happy. What can you do to prevent that from happening? You need to be proactively seeking feedback from all of your patients. The secret to collecting new reviews for your urgent care is simple: make it as easy as possible for your patients to leave a review.


Please Everybody and Make Money: Top Generational Insights for Urgent Care

Brought to you by Solv*
Mastering the differences and similarities between Millennials, Gen X and Boomers will help you prioritize clinic initiatives, meet more patient needs, and increase profit.

* The information and opinions expressed in this sponsored content are exclusive to the presenting company and do not reflect endorsement by UCA, its Board, members or staff.