Chapters represent the grassroots of UCA!  They play an important role in the fulfillment of our association's mission and provide targeted education, local issue updates, networking opportunities and more!

UCA Chapters

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The North East Regional Urgent Care Association (NERUCA)

The North East Regional Urgent Care Association (NERUCA) was the first regional chapter of UCA. This partnership combines UCA’s national strength with NERUCA’s local representation throughout: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The North East Regional Urgent Care Association (NERUCA) was formed in 2013 to focus on local, state, and regional issues important to Urgent Care practice and business, providing a voice for Urgent Care at these levels. We believe that Urgent Care providers and owner/operators know best the practice and business of Urgent Care Medicine. As such, there needs to be strong unified voice to insure future opportunities and continued success for Urgent Care in the Northeast. It our goal to educate all stake holders and advocate on behalf of Urgent Care Medicine in the Northeast. 

Your NERUCA Benefits:

Legislative Advocacy efforts specific to your Urgent Care business 

Local representation at the state and regional level 

Proactive representation and leadership with payers 

Networking opportunities with the regional and national leaders in Urgent Care 

Serve as a resource for other organizations interested in the practice of Urgent Care Medicine

Legislation updates to keep you informed 

Proactive “Think Tank” to help guide you through impending changes 

Have your voice heard to help shape the organizations overall goals 

Resources and educational offerings to help build your business through webinars and educational events. 

The combination of NERUCA’s local reach and impact, with UCA’s national presence, programs and resources creates a stronger industry for all of us. For more information, and to learn how you can get involved at the local level, visit www.neruca.org.  

UCA National Dues and NERUCA Chapter Dues 
NERUCA Chapter dues will be assessed to member organizations as well as individual members in NERUCA states:

Student - UCA National Dues: $75 and NERUCA Chapter Dues: $0
Individual - UCA National Dues: $195 and NERUCA Chapter Dues: $75
Physician, NP, PA - UCA National Dues: $300 and NERUCA Chapter Dues: $100

For Organizations: Organizational chapter dues are based on the number of centers in the states covered by NERUCA. Contact membership@ucaoa.org for details. 



California Urgent Care Association (CalUCA)

The mission of the California Urgent Care Association is to support the ongoing success of our membership through strong advocacy and education and to promote urgent care as a patient-oriented, accessible, and cost-effective sector of our healthcare system.  Urgent Care has grown to become an essential part of California’s healthcare delivery system. Until now, the state’s urgent care centers have been almost invisible to legislators, public administrators, and organized medicine. This under-representation comes at a cost as state legislators can pass laws and approve regulations and payers can set their own rules without hearing from us and being fully informed. 

Legislative Advocacy - Sacramento needs to hear from urgent care providers. You can be certain that our payers and managed care organizations are discussing urgent care policies without us. Other states have enacted rules and regulations that are harmful to urgent care providers – such as requiring Certificates of Need for each new urgent care center or requiring all urgent care centers to accept Medicaid.

Payer Relations - Without our unified voice, payers can enact unfair payment practices, leaving urgent care centers with few options. CalUCA can bring these polcies to light, oppose and help reform them. Our voice as a professional organization representing centers and providers throughout the state will be stronger than our individual voices.

Representation of the Urgent Care in Organized Medicine - CMA does not currently include the voice of urgent care medicine. CalUCA intends to represent our shared interests in the House of Medicine at state and local levels.

Networking - By our nature, urgent care providers are experimenters, innovators, and risk takers. CalUCA can help us learn from each other and share common problems and solutions.

Every UCA member in California is a member of CalUCA. That’s helpful, because there is strength in numbers when dealing with elected officials and other decision makers. But it’s not enough. We are seeking people who want to help us accomplish our goals by participating in our new organization.   

There are many ways to get involved in CalUCA, including:

Communications: monthly town hall events, website, listserv, action alerts

Networking and Membership: help us connect with the California urgent care community

Legislation and Regulations: talk to your State Senator, Assembly person, or County Supervisor

Leadership: become a committee member, committee chair or run for the Board of Directors

If none of these suit you, please suggest another way you’d like to be involved.  

UCA National Dues and CalUCA Chapter Dues

Student - UCA National Dues: $75 and CalUCA Chapter Dues: $15
Individual - UCA National Dues: $195 and CalUCA Chapter Dues: $65
Physician, NP, PA - UCA National Dues: $225 and CalUCA Chapter Dues: $75 

For Organizations: Organizational chapter dues are based on the number of centers in California. Contact membership@ucaoa.org for details.