Payers are accepting and requiring UCA Certification as part of their contracting process. 

When your urgent care earns certification through UCA, you join the endorsed ranks of more than 1,800 centers strong.

Certification Benefits

  • UCA’s Certified Urgent Care (CUC) program recognizes urgent care facilities that meet nationally standardized criteria to demonstrate their commitment to meet the scope of minimal expectations to define a qualified urgent care facility. 
  • This designation tells the public and payers that the urgent care center's scope of practice is consistent with a set of UCA criteria defining easy access and services that allow for care of a broad spectrum of illness, injury and disease. 
  • Urgent care centers with the CUC designation have a mark of distinction to educate their community and stakeholders, gain an edge in marketing their level of services, and eliminate confusion with other kinds of providers.

Types of Certifications Offered

  • Traditional/Comprehensive
  • Pediatric
  • Seasonal
  • Occupational Medicine/Health
  • Rural
  • Pediatrics After Hours
  • Orthopedic

View the differences in eligibility for each certification scope of service offered here.

Steps of Certification:

  1. Review the types of certification offered on our website. The grid provided offers a side-by-side view of certification designations and requirements.
  2. Apply online before the next deadline. (Need access to the online application process?  Click here)
  3. Center follow-up (with your center if necessary). The Monday following the deadline begins a week of follow-up for which we will address any outstanding issues with applications.
  4. Committee Review - The committee has received all the submitted (on or before the deadline) applications, and will review the cohort in this week.
  5. Committee Feedback - In the third week following the submittal deadline, the contact listed on the application will receive an email outlining the findings of your application(s)

Application Fees

First Time & Renewal: $395 (member) / $695 (non-member)

Pre-Opening: $525 (member) / $825 (non-member)

Occupational Health/Medicine: $395 (member) / $695 (non-member) 

International: $495 (member) / $895 (non-member)

Upcoming Application Deadlines

October 16, 2020
December 18, 2020

Apply Now!

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