Policy & Procedures

NEW! 2020 Policy & Procedure Manual


Updates from 2017 version:

  • NEW: Infection Control Section found in 600.XXX Physical Environment, i.e. Donning & Doffing PPE, Infection Prevention & Control Plan, Universal Precautions, etc.
  • Increased from 686 to 771 templated policies/forms
  • The policies have been organized into two options: Center Option #1 and Center Option #2. This does not mean that all of your policies need to come from one option—we encourage you to mix and match policies based on what is best for your organization.
  • Option #1 policies were created by the leadership team of a smaller organization while Option #2 is a multi-site, multi-state organization. It is suggested that when duplicative, your organization review both and determine which would best serve your urgent care organization.
  • Policies and forms have been reorganized and are now easily relatable to the UCA 2020 Accreditation Standards Manual


Whether you own or work in a new or established urgent care center, the templates of over 750 sample policies and forms allow you to create custom policies or update existing ones for your urgent care center.

A policy and procedure manual is required for UCA Accreditation and Certification, as well as other licensing and regulatory bodies. Having a policy and procedure manual helps better prepare your urgent care center for the changing legal and regulatory climate and provide tools that prepare your staff to respond confidently, appropriately and consistently to business and patient circumstances.