Winter 2021 Report is now Available

We are rounding out the 2021 editions of the benchmarking survey with the Winter report which is full of actionable insights on timely topics in urgent care. Topics were chosen through monitoring discussions on our ListServ such as safety concerns for staff, updates in infection control protocols, as well as how standing orders can improve efficiencies in your practice. See the complete list of topics below.

In 2022 UCA will be returning to the original format for the benchmarking reports by conducting surveys of member and non-member centers within the industry.  We will continue to include insights from our vendor partners where applicable.  2022 will have three report deliverables that will dive deeper into topics such as Staffing and Compensation, Operations (including visit volume) and Finance (expenses, reimbursements and RCM).  Be on the look out for your invitation to participate as participation secures your FREE copy of the results!

Winter report categories:

Industry Profile

By the Numbers - Distribution of UCA Accredited Centers, Visits per Clinic per Day in New Centers

Hot Topic

Workplace Safety


Website Best Practices

Patient Care Processes

The Importance of Standing Orders in Urgent Care

Health Records

Managing Employer Relationships in a COVID/Remote Work World

Human Resources

Emotional Intelligence

Patient Rights

HIPAA Compliance at the Front Desk

Physical Environment

Infection Control




Thank You | Winter 2021 Contributors


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