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The NEW 2019 Benchmarking Report (based on surveys submitted in 2019 for 2018 data) is now available for purchase, featuring the most robust response in the history of the report, and two new sections - Mythbusters and The Patient Experience.
The UCA Benchmarking Report is one of the most frequently cited resources for the urgent care and on-demand industry. The 2019 Report contains over 200 metrics on urgent care growth, demographics, financial performance, quality measures, staffing, compensation, benefits, and so much more - including: 

•    Median compensation levels by position

•    Largest hospital-based urgent care organizations

•    Largest non-hospital-based urgent care organizations

•    Average reimbursement per visit

•    Average visits per day

The 2019 Report contains deep industry insights through a collaboration with Merchant Medicine including ranking lists of the largest urgent care groups separating hospital and health system ownership from all others. A top CBSA Market Saturation Analysis is also included.




Buy the 2019 Benchmarking Report

UCA 2019 Benchmarking Report

Member Fee:$795.00
Non-Member Fee:$1,495.00

(Survey participants who provided at least 60% of their data receive the final Benchmarking Report free of charge)


UCA launched its benchmarking initiative in 2008.  As a result of demand for relevant and current data in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment, the report is now released annually and recognized worldwide as the go-to resource for valuable insights and industry trends. This report represents our ninth published compilation of the reported status of the urgent care industry, now augmented with new data gathered outside of the traditional survey process and inclusive of some data points related to the on-demand healthcare industry.  We are pleased that this year’s industry response to the survey has been the most robust in the history of the report.  Respondents collectively represent the diversity of the industry in terms of ownership and geography, lending even greater credence to the results.


Members of the media wishing to speak with an industry spokesperson should contact the UCA Marketing Department at marketing@ucaoa.org.



We love utilizing the Benchmarking report and view it as a very valuable resource!


- Benchmarking survey participant




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Benchmarking FAQs


  • Benchmarking is a proven process used by many businesses to assess their performance relative to a set of similar businesses.
  • The survey is divided into seven sections. The sections are: Profile, Operations, Tools & Services, Staffing, Finances, Reimbursement and Billing, Quality & Compliance, and Patient Satisfaction.
  • No. Reported data is stored within a secure database that is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.
  • Many multi-center organizations will compare one center in the organization against another. While this is helpful it does not give the same level of accuracy as using a third-party with data from a large number of centers.
  • Participants will receive complimentary results. Those who complete more than 60% of all sections will receive the entire report including any supplemental data for FREE. Upon release the complete report will have a value of over $750 for members and $1400 for non-members.
The anticipated release of the complete report is February 2020. Once the survey collection has closed, participants who completed at least 60% of the survey will receive the entire report for free in early 2020.






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