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Bench spring 2021 

UCA 2021 Spring Benchmarking Report - Now Available!




UCA has been producing a benchmarking survey and report since 2008.   Each year, the data needs of our industry continue to become more complex, leading to longer surveys and an increased time commitment for our participants.

Historically the benchmarking report was released during the first quarter of each year and would represent data for the year prior to collection.  In 2021, UCA has partnered with experts in the industry to provide insights that will prepare you and your team for success.  Instead of one all encompassing report released once a year the new benchmarking report will be published each quarter.  Publishing quarterly editions will give UCA the ability to provide insights for the upcoming quarter making your organization more prepared for what is to come.


Spring/Q2 report categories:

  1. Industry Profile 
    1. Size of the Industry
    2. Center distribution from Rural to Metropolitan
    3. State-Level Trends
  2. The Urgent Care Industry (Hot Topics)
    1. Site Selection
    2. DOT Exams
  3. Operations
    1. Visit Volume
    2. Marketing
  4. Patient Care Processes
  5. Health Records
    1. Diagnosis Code Trends
  6. Human Resources
    1. Compensation - Reconsidering wRVUs
  7. Quality Improvement
    1. Technology
  8. Advocacy


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