Industry Reports



  • UCA Urgent Care Industry White Paper - The 2019 Urgent Care Industry white paper is a useful resource for media, urgent care centers, medical professionals, vendors, and anyone interested in learning more about the future of on-demand health care. View the Table of Contents here.
  • Find an Urgent Care Center - Interactive directory of UCA member centers, UCA Accredited or Certified centers, or centers with UCA ABS Commendation.
  • UCA 2021 Benchmarking Report Series - Historically the benchmarking report was released during the first quarter of each year and would represent data for the year prior to collection.  In 2021, UCA has partnered with experts in the industry to provide insights that will prepare you and your team for success. 

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Urgent Care Centers by Location

As of December 2021 

Heat Map Dec. 2021