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The 2022 Operations Benchmarking Report is now available!

Table of Contents:

  • Physical Plant
  • Safety & Security
  • Technology
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Digital Health
  • Services
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Care Coordination




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  • 2022 Compensation Benchmarking Report is Now Available


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The UCA 2022 Compensation Benchmarking Report provides valuable insights into Urgent Care staffing, compensation, benefits and recruitment. The survey was fielded February 20-March 31, 2022 and represents 1,470 Urgent Care centers. Participating organizations varied in size from one center to over 175 centers. The distribution of the centers within the sample closely aligns with the distribution of all Urgent Care centers in the United States.

This report is part one of a four-part series this year, which will also include Operations, Finance, and Services.

The 2022 Compensation Benchmarking Report Covers:


Provider Model

Physician Specialties


Model Adjustments


Medical Director Salary

Clinical Roles: Salaried vs. Hourly

Non-Clinical Roles: Salaried vs. Hourly

Factors that Influence Provider Base Pay


Time Allocation

Bonus Eligibility

Bonus Drivers


Benefits Offered

Paid Time Off

CME Allowance

Bonus Eligibility

Bonus Basis




Non-Compete Clauses


Days to Fill

Attrition: Voluntary and Involuntary

Job Searches

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2022 Member Heat Map

As of November 1, 2022

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