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The Urgent Care Association represents a large and growing industry. UCA provides Certified and Accredited Urgent Care designation programs to help centers differentiate themselves and to help the industry overall establish a baseline definition for urgent care centers. Currently, certification and accreditation are not a requirement for opening in any state; however, payers are increasingly requiring certification and/or accreditation as part of their contracting process. 

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All UCA Accredited Urgent Care centers receive dual Accreditation and Certification.

To narrow the search of Accredited centers by scope of care (Peds, Ortho, OccMed, etc.) click both the Accredited Urgent Care and Certified Urgent Care check boxes.  You will then be able to choose the specific scope.

Certified Urgent Care vs. Accredited Urgent Care: What’s the Difference?

Certification is a designation that a center has met all the eligibility requirements of a nationally standardized definition of scope of services for urgent care.  No onsite survey is required. Instead each location is asked to send in documentation that shows it has met each of the certification urgent care criteria.

Accreditation builds on certification, assessing not only the organization’s ability to meet scope of services, but also to meet the standards of patient safety and quality.  An onsite survey is required and must be scheduled within 6 months from the time the application is processed.


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