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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and for a limited period of time, we will promote vendor offers that are genuinely in the spirit of helping urgent care centers navigate this unprecedented clinical event. 




Here you will find offers from our industry vendors to help you meet a potentially unmet need and address a specific COVID-19 challenge in the urgent care setting. Click on each tab to find offers for PPE, Testing, Telemed and Misc offers from vendors.


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American Paper Optics - Custom Protective Face Shields. Our 8.75″ x 13,″ one-time use, customizable face shields provide an additional barrier that securely covers your forehead and chin. This face shield is authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

The Ashwealth Group - We offer N95 masks. Our masks are NIOSH approved. 1000 minimum order. Contact Todd Stanaford at toddstanaford@yahoo.com for details.

B.O.A., Inc - Reusable Level 2 Isolation Gowns. Machine washable reusable gown. Testing specs- AATCC 42 water penetration <1.0g , AATCC 127 Hydrostatic pressure >20cm. No minimum or maximum. Price breaks start at 500+ units. We can ship between 2,500-5,000 per week (should increase in the coming weeks). Order Now

Brucelli Advertising - Surgical Masks, KN95 Masks, Nitrile Gloves, Gowns, Hand Sanitizer, Infrared Thermometers. Minimums/Maximums do apply. Contact Scott Schoenberg at scott@brucelli.com for details.

Cheppe LLC - FDA Appendix A Approve Powecom KN95 masks. We offer wholesale pricing over 1000 units on Powecom KN95 mask with the new anti-fake labels on the new packaging. Cut out the broker fees, cut your per unit cost and we ship the next day from Arizona. No minimum quantity for retail pricing, 1000 units minimum for wholesale pricing. Learn More

CC Face Shields -  PPE - Face Shields - MADE IN MONTANA. Face shield is designed, sourced, manufactured and assembled in the USA. All raw material (Plastic, Foam, Elastic) sourced from US suppliers and shipped to our facility in MT. Design has passed Infectious Disease at multiple large hospitals & FEMA. 50 minimum, boxes of 50, 120, 240, can ship pallet quantities (contact us for large orders). Learn more.

CCR Solutions Inc -PPE & Sanitizer - Face Shields, Hand Sanitizer, Sanitizer Stations. 500-1,000,000 Quantities. Learn More

Forest Holding Co. -  Facemasks, KN95, Visors, Gloves available direct supply from China. MInimum order 10,000+, but happy to help on most orders.  Contact Tom at thomas.hirst@forest-china.cn.

Fortify Products - Covid 19 Mask Protection - KN95 $73.00 (20 ct) and Disposable Masks $199.00 (250 ct). Fortify Products - At Fortify we are dedicated to providing you with the resources to protect yourself and others. We are passionate about providing protective equipment (masks) that will help us all get through this critical time. 20 CT KN95 Minimum and 250 CT Disposable Minimum Learn More

Globe Direct LLC - PPE. Supplier of 3 ply surgical masks, KN95 and Gowns. Contact todd@globedirectllc.com for details.

Greco Promotions - Certified PPE with Correct Paperwork from Approved Supplier - KN95 / Surgical / Disposable Masks plus Isolation Gowns and Full Sealed Googles Available. Minimums do apply. Learn More

Healthmate International LLC - KN95 face mask, face shield, isolation gowns. KN95 face masks are manufactured in China and are imported to the US. Face shields are regular and made with high quality materials. Isolation gowns are full body suits for medical workers. Minimum order of 10,000 for face masks. Minimum order of 2,500 for face shields. Minimum order of 100 for isolation gowns. Contact Jackson Foutch at jacksonfoutch17@gmail.com for details.

HealthTrackRX - PCR COVID-19 testing with FDA EUA 24 hour results.  HealthTrackRx provides reliable, accurate PCR Covid-19 testing with a turnaround time of 24-36 hours to help you protect your staff and get back to safely providing care for your patients.  Learn more.

Henry Schein - Gowns and other PPE available. 800-772-4345 (8am-8pm EST) or email medsls@henryschein.com.

Just Artifacts - Just Artifacts is offering PPE supplies including disposable and cloth masks for children and adults, face shields, and disposable gloves.

LINHU MEDICAL - Medical and Public Use PPE - DIRECT IMPORT FROM CHINA. FACEMASK, GLOVES, GOGGLES, VISORS, FULL BODY, HANDSANITIZER. We have most items in stock over 100,000 pcs. contact for further info on production & shipment times. We have shipping and customs department, so import to USA is no problem. 10,000pcs+ - We have capacity for Millions of Units. Can provide Air or Sea Freight. Payment is 30% on Order and 70% + any outstanding balance on shipment release.

Lucas Color Card - Face Shields - Two options. Extremely cost effective shield that requires minor assembly, or a fully assembled face shield that costs a bit more. Made in America. Minimum/Maximum: 1 box of 100 shields (unassembled) or 1 box of 5 (assembled).

Martin Technical - Face Masks-KN95 Respirator Face Masks & EarLoop Masks in stock US. KN95 4ply non-woven fabric. KN95 Filter Material, hot air cotton and melt blown filter. FFP3 Protection Grade. BFE 99% Filtration Efficiency. FDA Product Site Approved. EarLoop Masks-Disposable KN953 ply soft non-woven fabrics-High Fluid Resistance. KN95 Masks 50/Box minimum-EarLoop Masks 50/Box minimum. No maximum. KN95 250,000 pieces in stock-EarLoop Masks 1 million pieces in stock. Las Vegas Distribution Center Order Now

McKesson - View unallocated product availability here https://mms.mckesson.com/content/shop-products/ppe-hand-sanitizers – availability subject to change at any time. 

Medline Industries - Contact Sara Alasya, salasya@medline.com, for weekly “Spot Buy” availability (which may include gowns). Medline is a manufacturer- PPE, medical supplies and Covid testing. Sign up for a Medline account if you are interested in either medical supplies,testing, capital. A rep will reach out to get you on the allocation list for PPE. Medline is the only manufacturer in the Urgent Care marketplace so stock changes daily.

Medzon Health - We offer Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and medical supplies to Urgent Cares, Hospitals, Physician Offices, COVID-19 Testing Centers, and other healthcare related industries.  No minimum or maximum quantity restrictions. Order Now

OfficeZilla Los Angeles - PPE - We have access to all PPE items ranging from Mask - Furniture. Learn More.

Proforma - PPE Supplies from a trusted resource. Learn More. Primary Contact dan.sparkes@proforma.com

Regency Lighting - PPE, Anti-Microbial Sanitizer & Germicidal UV Lighting. Isolation Gowns, Masks, Gloves, Thermometers,Sanitizer, Antimicrobial Sanitizer, Pumps & Stands, Face Shields. We also offer Germicidal UV Lighting Products including PURO! Please contact Nina.frye@regencylighting.com

RKB Health Ventures - EUA Approved Rapid Antibody. I am offering an EUA approved rapid antibody test. I currently have stock in the USA ready to ship. Minimum order is 1000 units. Contact Blake@rkbhealthventures.com.

Southeast Marketing - Gowns, Face Shields, Disposable Surgical Face Masks, KN95 Masks, Gloves  $150 minimum opening order/pre-pay with credit card. Learn More Contact vickiw@semarketing.com

Summit Diagnostics - PPE Supplies Order Now N95 Mask, 3 Ply Surgical Mask, Face Shields, Goggles, Hand Sanitizer, ViRid Sanitation Plant Based Cleaning. Min/Max quantities depends on product.

SureMed Supply - 3 Ply Face Mask. FDA Approved Disposable 3 Ply Medical Face Mask

TLCMedical - Masks: Surgical, KN95, N95. Gloves, Gowns, Face Shields, Sanitizer.  Contact Christine Newman at christine@tlcmedical.com or 888-521-8522 for details. You may also visit our microsite at tlcmedical.kartra.com/page/5GX18.  

TM Shea Products, Inc. - COVID-19 PPE products Reception Countertop Sneeze Guards and clear Face Shields. Thank you for reviewing our new PPE products limited time 15% off special promotion for the UCA members . Below are more details for both the Countertop Sneeze Guards and Clear Face Shields (min. order 2 Face Shields or 2 countertop Sneeze Guards). 

Upside Health, Inc. - MSH 3-Ply Disposable Masks, 1-Day Fulfillment, Pay After Delivery. Product Information - EN 149: 2001+A1:2009 Certified European Standard. MSH Product Code /w 510(k) exempt. 1-Day Fulfillment via FedEx Overnight, with payment 5 days after delivery. Minimum Order Quantity: 2000; Maximum Order Quantity: 1,200,000. Contact Jonathan.

Venture Source Global - We currently have 130,000, level 2 isolation protective gowns in surplus. Having ordered on behalf of one of our clients we now have this lot in storage and hope they will be purchased and used to combat the current pandemic or other healthcare needs. They are packaged (3) per bag and would prefer to sell in larger numbers, but will accommodate, any need.

Viral Response, LLC - KN95 Masks imported from China, FDA certified and are able to be delivered country wide within one week. Contact mjudge@viralresponseuc.com for details.


Also check the FREE resources below.

Aegis Sciences Corporation - COVID-19 Testing. Lab testing for COVID-19 virus, 24-48 hr turn-around time upon receipt. Testing for patients, or employees.

APC Health LLC - Saliva based COVID-19 PCR test [HOUSTON, DFW, AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO]. APC Health is offering the SalivaDirectTM PCR test for COVID-19 developed by Yale University. SalivaDirectTM eliminates the challenges with getting Nasopharyngeal swabs. 24-48 hour TAT. 99% Sensitive, 94% Specific.

Avero Diagnostics - COVID-19 PCR and Antibody Testing. 24–48 hour TAT. 97% of specimens reported within 24 hours of receipt. Positive and negative percent agreement >98%. Tests performed by our CLIA-licensed, CAP certified laboratory under FDA EUA. Nasal, nasopharyngeal, and oropharyngeal swabs accepted. CDC-required state reporting performed for COVID-19 testing. Contact clientservices@averodx.com.

Bako DiagnosticsCOVID19 Testing. Provide testing / screening to your community and patients

Beta Sciences - Novel Coronavirus Dual IgG/IgM Rapid Test Clinical Pack. PEUA Approved Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Fingerprick Test Kit , • Made in USA • Test is Quick, Easy, & Accurate • High Sensitivity & Specificity (99.4%) • Antibodies indicating previous Infection and Immunity • Whole blood test from a finger stick. Minimum or Maximum Quantities = 1,000.

BioLab Scientific, Inc - COVID 19 lgG / lgM Rapid Test is a 10-minute Made in the USA. COVID 19 lgG / lgM Rapid Test are USA manufactured by BioLab Sciences in Scottsdale, AZ, They have been shipping tests to NYC daily. Minimum order is 75 tests No maximum. Contact TLCandAssoc@gmail.com

Bridge Diagnostics - PCR COVID testing-Electronic Orders Email Results. Fully automated PCD testing for COVID. Simple set up and 24-48hr TAT. Electric ordering and Email Results. No paper work, no supply restraints. Offer less invasive swabsNasal

Confirm BioSciences - FDA EUA Approved COVID-19 Serology IgG/IgM Antibody Rapid Test.  Receive results within 10 minutes with only one drop of blood and two drops of buffer, with no machine or instrument needed. This test detects both IgG and IgM antibodies, and is among the most proven and accurate test of its kind on the market. Minimum: 1 box of 25 tests. Maximum: No limit. To be administered for professional use by medical professionals with either moderate or high complexity CLIA certification.

Double Helix Specialists - Turnkey Onsite Molecular COVID Lab Setups for High Volumes. We setup onsite molecular Covid testing labs with equipment and molecular Covid testing reagents. We can handle all aspects including licensing and training. For high volumes of 200 or more tests per day. Fast turnarounds. Bill out yourself. No maximum orders. Learn More

FWD Think - PPE | COVID-19 testing kits | COVID-19 sanitization products. Direct certified vendor access to: hydrolyte; peraclean 15; gmate® COVID-19; 3m n95 (1860); kn95; disp. face shields; vinyl & nitrile gloves; disp. surgical masks; 3-ply disp. med. mask bfe ≥ 99%; h2one sanitizer 75%: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml; goggles. Contact danny@fwdthink.com.

GeneiQ - PCR Covid-19 Testing with 24-48 hour reporting of results. GeneiQ is a Clia certified molecular diagnositc testing laboratory. Our sample collection methodology utilizes a friendly, non-invasive nasal swab. No supply chain issues and 24-48 hour results from receipt of sample in the laboratory. 200-2000 samples per day. Contact jharris@geneiqlab.com

HORIBA Medical - Data describing Lymphopenia and increased hemoglobin levels suggest that with a CBC plus Differential may aid in the diagnosis suspect COVID-19 patients. HORIBA is offering the Micros 60 CL Hematology System with CBC plus 3-part Diff for $8500. Offer expires June 30,2020. Sign up

NxGen MDx Laboratory - COVID-19 PCR Testing since March 2020 with Respiratory Pathogen Panel to include COVID-19. Mentioned in Wall Street Journal article April 29, 2020. COVID-19 Testing using PCR since March 2020. Launching Respiratory Pathogen panel to include 30 plus pathogens including COVID-19. We will start accounts up with 25 test kits and as kits come back to laboratory we will send more test kits. NP swab collection method. Most accurate. Contact dcalvin@nxgenmdx.com.

Mako Medical - COVID-19 Testing. Lab with the capacity to test 50,000 patients per day for COVID-19 with no supply chain issues and a 24-48 hour turn around time. 50,000 patients per day. Learn more.

McKesson – Keeping up-to-date and understanding the latest for COVID testing in your Urgent Care can be challenging.  Visit our site to learn about the different types of testing methods for COVID-19 and the options available from McKesson.

Medline Industries - Medline is a manufacturer- PPE, medical supplies and Covid testing. Sign up for a Medline account if you are interested in either medical supplies,testing, capital. A rep will reach out to get you on the allocation list for PPE. Medline is the only manufacturer in the Urgent Care marketplace so stock changes daily.

Menarini Silicon Biosystems Inc. - COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Detection KitOur organization offers the COVID-19 IgG/IgM rapid test for differential detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to the Coronavirus. Contact Dnorton@siliconbiosystems.com to learn about other tests and instruments important in the detection of Covid-19.

PIM - PIMMAP - COVID-19 Fever Measuring Device Learn More Our PIMMAP device measures a person’s temperature allowing for the identification of individuals who may have a fever. This is done safely, anonymously* and non-invasively. The reading is so accurate, it will read someone’s temperature +/- 0.2°C.

Real Diagnostics Lab - PCR Test kits w/ 24 hour turnaround time. Overnight shipping of PCR tests kits w/ 24 hour turnaround time on results. Test kits include the oral pharyngeal swab, VTM, and specimen bag for safe travel. Include a paid overnight shipping label to send to our lab per every 50 tests.

Rossler Group Inc. - FDA (EUA) Approved COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits. COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits. These are tests that use a finger-prick of blood with results in 10 minutes. No equipment needed. FDA approved Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) – the highest authorization currently offered by the FDA for these tests. 50 test minimum. Sale is restricted to CLIA Labs authorized to perform High and Medium Complexity Tests or by healthcare workers at the point-of-care

SDI Labs - COVID-19 testing strategy - FDA EUA approved COVID-19 testing strategy addressing 4 key elements: Accuracy and Sensitivity, Capacity related to supply chain, Diagnosis and Treatment, Contact Tracing App. Contact lauramartis1025@gmail.com

Sethi Labs - Test Kits. We are selling Covid-19 Antibody ($1,250 for 1 unit containing 25 test kits) as well as the Swab RT-PCR ($1,345 for 1 unit containing 96 test kits), we can also supply PPE and other medical products if needed. We currently have 1,000 units (25,000 test kits) of the antibody and 0 units of the Swab RT-PCR including the readers. However, we have the manufacturing capacity to make millions more within a week when requested. Restrictions - Depends on the quantity. We can make millions more tests as needed, and delivery time will depended on the quantity as well.

STI Medical Sale, LLC - COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Result Point-of-Care Screening Test - Healgen COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Result Point-of-Care Screening Test Kits. Plenty of inventory on hand & ready to ship. Min. Order is 25ea (one case), No limit on max. quantity orders. Contact rthansonak49@outlook.com for details.

Summit Diagnostics - COVID-19 Rapid Drug Tests. Order Now Please be aware that due to the current climate turnaround time and shipping is longer than usual.

TLC and Associates - FDA Authorized 15 Minute Antibody Test. This is the only FDA Authorized test on the market as of this date. 15 Minute, Finger Stick, Whole Blood. Minimum Quantities 100. Restrictions - Need CLIA Accediation. Contact Lorraine Conces

TMTESTKITS - COVID-19 Test Kits - Rapid Response IgG/IgM 15 min! Our company is offering COVID-19 rapid response test kits that test for both COVID-19 and the antibody. 99.9% success rate and low cost! 

Venture Medical - COVID-19 Saliva PCR Testing - MicroGendx has been offering Saliva PCR testing since March, 2020. Kits can be ordered by physician for in-house administration or patient can order online and have shipped to their home. 24 hour turnaround upon receipt at the lab. Min order of 1ea, No max order restrictions. Restrictions: Physician’s Provider Service Agreement (PSA) on file with MicroGendx Labs. Learn More


Also check the FREE resources below.

Hippo Education - Get 10% off Hippo Education's Telemedicine: Common Conditions Video Course. Get the clinical guidelines you need to succeed in the telemedicine setting and avoid critical mistakes with a step-by-step video course. Get 10% off here.

Med USA - 2020 Free EHR with Telemed and Online Intake tool. Get a complete, certified Urgent Care focused EHR and PM combo with Telemed & Online Intake form valued at $500 per month for free with a qualified RCM agreement.


Also check the FREE resources below.

AlertMD - Virtual Q for your patients to social distance in their car. Your patients wait in their car and get in a virtual Q. You notify them when you are ready for them to walk in. Minimum 1.

Clozex Medical Inc. - Expand your services during COVID-19. With Clozex Closures your staff can safety and quickly treat lacerations without sutures or glue. Learn how Clozex can help bring consumers to your facility for the laceration care they need without the use of sutures/glue. Clozex Medical can provide images & content to help promote laceration treatment services that you can provide with Clozex.

iCRco, inc. - Wireless DR Solution: Turn key with laptop $14,800. 90 days to pay. Order Now iCRco, inc is offering it's Urgent Care X-ray Imaging solution, Laptop, Wireless DR, XC Software

Go4Healthcare - On-Demand medical personnelle/staffing support Order Now The Go4Healthcare on-demand platform connects urgent care networks with certified athletic trainers. ATCs are recognized by the AMA. Skill set includes: triage, patient screening, clinical eval, invasive and non-invasive testing; e.g. COVID-19.

Pass My Physical - Training to perform Respirator Use Fit Testing, and The Medical Eval. for Respirator Use Order Now Significantly reduced pricing for two very needed courses for healthcare facilities. Both meet OSHA requirements. One provides training for required fit testing, the other for required medical evaluation for respirator use. Available on our website.

Rauland Rapid Response Kit - Rauland Rapid Response Kit enables you to quickly deploy an emergency communication system within a day, allowing you to quickly triage your patient's needs while keeping a safe distance to minimize repetitive staff-to-patient contact. This kit includes the basic essentials to support 25 patient beds.



Offers do not include any financial outlay for no less than 60 days and have no obligation, financial or otherwise, thereafter. 

3bExam COVID-19 Test Manager

The 3bExam COVID-19 Test Manager is a simple, safe and secure way to gather patient information and manage test results for curbside COVID-19 testing programs. Patients prefill information on their smart phone. Quick upload for Driver’s License and Insurance Card. Includes online consent pre-qualification and symptom checker. Efficient * Minimizes Physical Contact and Exposure | No Pens. No Paper. No Clipboards | HIPAA Compliant * CDC Compliant

Free Use of SmartContact for Monitoring Patients with COVID-19 Pneumonia

To contribute to efforts that help healthcare institutions during the pandemic, Auscura created a complementary application for monitoring discharged patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. There is no cost, EMR connectivity, or IT time required.

Remote Radiology Reads (X-Rays)

Braid Health is waiving all fees until April 24, 2020 for remote radiology reads (x-rays).

2-Way Provider Texting & Mass Texting to Patients

Calibrater is the leading feedback management platform for multi-unit healthcare businesses. If you use DocuTAP, DrChrono, or athenahealth we can rapidly onboard your company within a week. Sign up by June 15th to use the platform free for 90 days.

PSA Content Available for LED Signage Owners

Daktronic is looking to assist urgent care centers in effectively messaging to their communities about how they can support them with free content assistance to LED sign owners. The current content they have available is beneficial for any business that wants to promote awareness to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Telemedicine Billing Guide: This guide contains the Modifier, POS and Coverage

EMPClaims offers this free resource available to all UCA Members. View billing guide.

Queuing, Self-Scheduling, Wait Time Technology that Preserves Social Distancing

Online virtual waiting room or text to join waiting list (wait from home, in your car, etc.) from ER Express. Text-based wait time and treatment time patient notifications. Pre-screening questionnaires and interactive chat bot that can give patients instructions.

Experity COVID-19 Response App with Telemedicine

Using online check-in with risk-assessment questions from Experity's app, your staff can assess COVID-19 risk and use two-way texting to direct all patients to come into the clinic, stay in the parking lot, go/stay home, or connect to a telemed practitioner. Get the app.

Net Check In - Worlds Largest Provider of Online Checkin Services

 ICS Net Check In allows Urgent Care patients to reserve their place online, providing social distancing and preventing transmission. Clients wait in their homes or vehicles, not in a crowded lobby. Net Check In is free with no obligation for 60 days.

Query Patient Records FREE During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Consensus by J2 Global launched a free Patient Query service during the COVID-19 crisis to enable providers to prioritize and make better decisions at the point of care for patients.

Webinar: Coronavirus - How to Manage Stress & Your Relationships

Free webinar from McKesson to help you with personal and professional relationships during these trying times. Two EMS experts share ways to help maintain healthy relationships and build communication skills.

Complimentary COVID link refreshed weekly for training, webinars and insightful links

Free for Urgent Care Association members from MedTrainer.

Web-based and Text-Based COVID-19 Screening Tool

Free web-based and text-based COVID-19 screening tool from Mira.

Platform Connecting Labs, Patients and Medical Access Points for Testing

My One Medical Source (MOMS) is offering free access to join MOMS platform to list your location to perform phlebotomy. After July 1st, if you don't see increased foot traffic or revenue, you can drop from network.

OSHA Required Respirator Use Training for Healthcare Workers

Free OSHA required training for healthcare workers that must wear a mask (N95). This program is available though the Pass My Physicial, LLC OccMed Academy directly on the PMP website. Recently updated with additional information needed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Patient Engagement Program with Email and Two-Way Texting

Complimentary digital patient engagement services from PatientBond, consisting of weekly COVID-19 email education for patients and two-way, interactive texting for virtual triage.

Patients in Need of PT? Now Offering Virtual PT Appointments

Physical Rehabilitation Network (PRN) is offering a telehealth solution for non-emergent patients who are need of physical therapy. Connect patients with a licensed physical therapist through a secure, HIPPA compliant, best-in-class telehealth platform.

MagicSeat - Contact-free virtual queues to protect your patients and employees

Become a Pomelo Ambassador and get the Pomelo Health waiting room management platform free for 90 days with no obligation thereafter. Automate physical distancing and create a safer experience for everybody. Contact George Franklin at Pomelo Health. Get details here.

Free Use of Patient Engagement Services for 2 Week Trial

Sling Health is offering a 2-week free trial for their Patient Engagement Services. No obligation to sign up post trial, once completed trial.

Follow-up System for COVID-19 Patients

SmartContact from SmartER is a FREE software to safely manage COVID-19 patients at home. Providers can use this to facilitate e-visits as many of CMS billing constraints have been lifted. There is no cost or IT requirement and it can be ready in one day.

Telemedicine Trial to Help with COVID-19 Response

Solv is launching an initiative to support every convenient care provider in their efforts to delay and prevent COVID-19 transmission. This free, 3-month Video Telemedicine Trial is the first in a series of tools we plan to make available to providers on the front lines of this pandemic:

Suki Covid and Telemedicine offer for Urgent Care Clinics

Free use of Suki until at least May 31st, but may be longer if pandemic persists from Suki AI. Speed through medical notes 76% faster with built-in data and templates for covid-19 and Telemedicine.

Free Consult with SME on Telehealth

Taskforce SME will provide updates on regulations, as well as best practices to help gain a better understanding of what's required to implement Telehealth.

Free Hosting, Website, SEO, AdWords Management

UCWebsites wants to honor what you have done and this is the best way we know how. Free hosting, Website, SEO, Adwords Management to help now and during recovery.

Interest Free Financing for Urgent Cares

QuickFi is offering up to $50,000 of interest free financing, financing for new equipment of your choice, from the manufacturer of your choice, at 0% fixed, APR for 24, 36 or 48 months. Our loans include no fees or hidden costs of any kind.

GoCheckit Software to Manage COVID-19-Related Tasks

Uptime Health is offering their GoCheckit software free of charge to urgent care centers. The GoCheckIt software allows your staff to manage COVID-19-related tasks and gives operations managers visibility into compliance across all of their locations. Click here to sign up.

OfficeSuite Softphone and HD Video Conferencing Collaboration Tools FREE 90-Days

Windstream is offering our HIPAA Compliant Video & Audio Collaboration (standalone or integrated). Works on virtually any device enabling calls from your account rather than your own carrier. Contact cheryl.cristobal@windstream.com.


In our quest to bring resources to our members during this global healthcare crisis, the Urgent Care Association® has not reviewed the offerings by these vendors, and this list does not constitute an endorsement, certification, or recommendation of specific technology, software, applications, or products. 




Urgent care centers and our members are struggling right now. And you can help. Do you have a resource or opportunity to assist? Please complete and submit this form to share your FREE offer, and this form to share your PAID offer.  Your postings will be accessible on this page through June 30, 2020.  This truly is a time for us all to come together and we are grateful for your continued support.







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