Burnout and Hope

Our urgent care teams have been at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic for a LONG TIME...and the pandemic is not over, yet. While there are stories of burnout and fatigue (and fear for what the Fall will bring), there are also stories of resources and programs, team support, and individual courage, strength and hope

We've collected some resources, stories, and ideas for you - our UCA/CUCM members - and are looking for more.

MPOV* - Taking Care of Our Teams

A simple “thank you” sometimes goes a long way. We are working on developing such a culture by reminding our leaders that in these times of stress, it is important to say thank you to your teams.

-  Jasmeet Bhogal, MD

We needed to regulate the daily volume for the well-being of our staff, while still serving as many as we can handle in a 12 hour shift.  Knowing when the day will end is vital to sustaining these high volumes over an extended period.  Each provider has the ability to go on diversion (like an ER) and redirect patients to other urgent cares and testing sites in the area.  We let the consumer know we will take patients again later that day, and call them first when we go off diversion.  More details are in my post in the Member COVID Listserv.

- With aloha, Donna Schmidt

We have put up signage to ask for patients to have patience with our hard-working staff as we undergo this recent surge.  We've also used scheduling tools to better manage the flow and amount of patients coming through each hour.  In applicable centers we've set end of day, last hour, limits so staff knows what to expect that last hour.

- Joseph Chow, MD

We are offering free psychotherapy sessions through our hospital affiliate, "surprise" free lunches for clinic staff and ,for the first time, cash bonuses to our MA and reception staff for their unrelenting hard work through the pandemic.

- Scott Prysi, MD


*Member Point of View



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