Antibiotic Stewardship


Announcing the NEW Antibiotic Stewardship Champion Award


The College of Urgent Care Medicine in conjunction with UCA and the Urgent Care Foundation proudly announce a new individual award to recognize clinicians who support the practice of prescribing the correct antibiotic for the appropriate diagnosis, at the correct dosage and for the shortest duration while assuring it will be effective, as well as saying no when antibiotics are not needed.


Who can qualify for this award?

Individual clinicians working in an urgent care setting who have displayed a commitment to championing antibiotic stewardship efforts for their organization.

How does one get recognized?

Nominations for the ABS Championship Award should be submitted to info@uccop.org

What is needed?

Short biography, picture and description of why this award is deserved.

Recognition includes:

  • Article in CUCM Urgent Caring newsletter
  • Certificate of recognition
  • Listing in UCAccess email newsletter
  • Social media mentions

This Month's Antibiotic Stewardship Champion Award Winner


Congratulations to Joseph Toscano, MD this month's recipient of the Antibiotic Stewardship Champion Award!

Dr. Joseph Toscano is an urgent care and emergency room physician from California and the clinical content advisor for UCA. Dr. Toscano has been involved with antibiotic stewardship for over a decade both locally and nationally. He has not only advised people to be good stewards but has provided written and lecture-formatted information to understand diagnosis, treatment, and best practices.



Previous Antibiotic Stewardship Champion Award Recipients

Mary Lynn Joe, MD, FACEP
Glenn Harnett, MD, FCUCM
Michael Green, MD

Inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions are harmful as they lead to resistance, side effects as dangerous as C. difficile or death from allergic reaction. The College, Association and Foundation have been working with national leaders to assure patients understand antibiotics and their appropriate use and that clinicians choose wisely when it comes to antibiotics. However, we realize only you can make the difference and we want to to recognize those who have made significant contributions to this initiative.


(from Vox.com)

Our Antibiotics are Becoming Useless - By 2050, 10 million people could die each year from diseases that have grown resistant to drugs. By Sigal Samuel

Excerpt from the article: "Common diseases are becoming untreatable." That's the blunt warning issued on page one of a major new United Nations report on drug resistance. If we don't make a radical change now, the report says, drug-resistant diseases could kill 10 million people a year by 2050. 

Read the article HERE, and access more Antibiotic Stewardship resources on THIS PAGE.