12 Days of Good Things

We, the staff of UCA, present you, our urgent care family, with 12 Days of Good Things.  

Whether it’s something you can use now or later, just know that we know the kind of year you have had and that you deserve all this and MORE. 

Each day, we'll present you with a new Good Thing, but don’t worry, if you miss a day, this page (link to web page) will be updated as each Good Thing is “unwrapped”.  

Every day that you keep choosing to go into work, don and doff your PPE, and keep each other's spirits up is a gift to your communities and to urgent care as a whole, so we hope these Good Things are a gift back to you.  

Thank you for being our #urgentcareheroes and for being part of the UCA family.


12 Days of Good Things

Check back every day for a new post!


Day 1 - December 2

The Gift of Unplugged: Put down your phone. No seriously...put it down after you print out this urgent care WORD SEARCH. You can improve your mood, engage your brain, enhance your language skills and have a little fun – OFFLINE.

Day 2 - December 3

The Gift of “Space”: Free access to Headspace - the practice (and science) of meditation; and free resources on Talkspace - including therapist-led Facebook groups. 

Day 3 - December 4

The Gift of Music: Whether you just listen, sing at the top of your lungs or get up and dance, please enjoy these Spotify playlists built by your UCA staff. 

Day 4 - December 5

The Gift of the Outdoors: Go outside! Take advantage of these discounts for healthcare workers from The North Face, Outdoor Research and Owala.

Day 5 - December 6

The Gift of Getting Away From it All: If you can really get away alone or with your “bubble” save a little money with Airbnb discounts for healthcare workers.

Day 6 - December 7

The Gift of Learning: From Hippo Education - Urgent Care Lifelong Learning & Self-Assessment. In just a few minutes per month, you can commit your team to clinical excellence and differentiate your urgent care center with resources designed to spark learning around the latest urgent care best practices. Learn, earn CME and showcase your center's commitment to clinical excellence here.

Day 7  - December 8

The Gift of The Shedd: If you are from the Chicago area (like most of the UCA staff), you know The Shedd Aquarium. Check out their Twitter feed for the cutest penguin videos, otter antics and peaceful underwater images.

Day 8  - December 9

The Gift of Escape: Get out of your own head and enjoy the relaxation that coloring provides. Download this exclusive coloring page created just for you by Christine Kistner of colorworks.co.

Day 9  - December 10

The Gift of Savings: Enjoy exclusive discounts for healthcare workers! Homechef can make getting dinner on the table a lot easier and Helm Audio wants you to save 50% on their wireless headphones (while you listen to the Day 3 playlists, perhaps!). 

Day 10  - December 11

The Gift of Yummy: UCA staff members want to share some of their favorite “yummy” recipes - Grain Free Sugar Cookies, 7 Layer Bars, Outrageous Brownie, Cranberry Margaritas and Rudolph’s Tipsy Spritzer.. Enjoy!

Day 11 - December 12

The Gift of Comfort: Make a beautiful,comfortable or giftable chunky blanket - no tools required!  

Day 12 - December 13

The Gift of Inspiration: Print out any or all of these quotes. You can tack one up on your message board at work, on the breakroom fridge, your bathroom mirror or the back of your clipboard for a little inspiration every day. 


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