When your Urgent Care earns certification through UCA,you join the endorsed ranks of more than 2,254 centers strong.

Certification Benefits

  • UCA’s Certified Urgent Care (CUC) program recognizes Urgent Care centers that meet nationally standardized criteria to demonstrate their commitment to meet the scope of minimal expectations to define a qualified Urgent Care center.
  • This designation tells the public and payers that the Urgent Care center's scope of practice is consistent with a set of UCA criteria defining easy access and services that allow for care of a broad spectrum of illness, injury, and disease.
  • Urgent Care centers with the CUC designation have a mark of distinction to educate their community and stakeholders, gain an edge in marketing their level of services, and eliminate confusion with other kinds of providers.

Types of Certifications Offered

  • Comprehensive
  • Occupational Health
  • Orthopedic
  • Mobile
  • Convenient Care

*Age Specialization - Pediatric UCCs and Adult UCCs are eligible for Certification/Accreditation. Exempt from “all ages” requirement if the Pediatric (21 and younger) or the Adult (18 and older) specialization is included in the name, scope, and advertising of the center(s).


View the differences in eligibility for each certification scope of service offered here.

Steps of Certification:

  1. Review the types of certification offered on our website. The grid provided offers a side-by-side view of certification designations and requirements.
  2. Apply anytime!  Applications are reviewed and processed within 60 days.  To obtain an application send an email to quality@ucaoa.org; include organization name and corporate address, plus contact name, title, phone, and email address of the primary contact.

Certification Fees:


 Our fee structure is a simple per center fee. Certification is granted to a center and all certified centers within an organization will share the same term and billed fee will reflect co-terminus pricing.

Members per Center Fee = $360
Non-members per Center Fee = $540
(price reduction on centers over 100; $396 each center 101+)

Please note:

  • There are no annual fees. The Certification cycle is 36 months.
  • Above pricing applies to organizations applying and renewing after January 1, 2022.
  • All fees are invoiced at the time of application, due upon receipt, and are non-refundable./li>
  • Organizations receiving the special Members rate will need to maintain Membership for the
    full 36-month certification period. Discount given with Center Membership only.