What is Urgent Care Accreditation?

The Urgent Care Association Accreditation program advances an urgent care organization to the highest level of distinction in patient care through safety, quality & scope of services. UCA Accreditation also helps urgent care centers and clinics stay in-network with select payers.  




What are the Benefits to Accreditation?

UCA Accreditation demonstrates a commitment to provide the scope of care consistent with an urgent care center or clinic that meets the criteria of the UCA certified center, including x-ray and laboratory services, as well as a quality and safety commitment to your patients and your employees. It represents the only endeavor in the industry that will provide the applicant dual Accreditation and Certification.  

Through this process you are making a commitment of:

  • Both financial and human resources
  • A willingness to conduct a comprehensive organizational assessment that examines your center’s capacity in Governance, Human Resources, Patient Care Processes, Physical Environment, Quality Improvement, Health Record Management and Patient Privacy/Rights/Responsibilities.
  • Ensuring access and a scope of services to your community representative of a UCA certified urgent care center.






To apply, contact us at quality@ucaoa.org to request an application.

AUC Program Benefits

Raise the bar and ensure that your organization is providing the highest-level of safety measures and quality of care to your patients. As healthcare professionals, we strive to provide an exceptional patient experience. Earning UCA Accreditation affirms your commitment to quality, safety, and exceptional clinical outcomes.

Earn the competitive edge among your peers in your marketplace.  Many of our accredited organizations have leveraged this highest level of distinction to distinguish themselves from others. Consumers are looking for a trustworthy “seal of approval” among their choices for care.

Enhance the roll-out of new centers by standardizing policies, procedures, and expectations across the organization. UCA Accredited center operators have expressed that one of the benefits was the development and implementation of consistent processes across all sites and, as a result, their organizations gained unanticipated efficiencies.

As payer networks narrow, position your organization as one recognized for highest quality and safety requirements. In some regions of the country, payers are requiring accreditation before contracting or as a requirement to remain in network.

Become eligible for potential risk management credit of up to 15% on professional liability insurance. Check with your carrier to see if they will consider a risk management credit on your professional liability insurance for your accredited organization.

Achieve best practices for urgent care throughout your organization to help improve staff morale and retention. Although it is a less tangible benefit than others, several of our accredited organizations have found that engaging their staff in the values of Quality and Safety ultimately results in happier employees and improved customer satisfaction. Policies and procedures provide clarity and achieving accreditation results in teamwork and sense of pride and accomplishment.

Compete for patients and medical community referrals from those who value an urgent care organization’s commitment to best clinical and administrative practices. Consumer behavior is changing, and consumers are more likely to shop for cost-effective, high-quality providers. Posting the UCA accreditation seal on your website makes a statement about your organization. And, you can proudly market your UCA accreditation to prospective referral sources (e.g., pharmacists, school nurses, risk managers) that recognize the value of the steps that have been taken to distinguish the center.

Benefit from peer-to-peer discussions during the survey process. UCA surveyors are there to assist you. They each have advanced industry experience and can share best practices and insight during the survey process.



Center listings update periodically in the Find A Urgent Care Center – UCC Finder, if you are looking to confirm an organization/center’s accreditation or certification status, please contact us at quality@ucaoa.org.