MEP 401K Member Benefit

Announcing UCA's Multiple Employer (MEP) 401(k) Plan

UCA Organizational Members can now band together to potentially:

  • Reduce 401(k) Plan Costs
  • Improve Investment Returns and Retirement Outcomes
  • Outsource Fiduciary Responsibility and Liability

Finally, there is a 401(k) Plan that meets the same level of fiduciary excellence that the Urgent Care Association promotes in its own industry. UCA has joined with Ashton Thomas Private Wealth, an SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm, and Fiduciary Wise, LLC, an independent, professional firm promoting fiduciary excellence and services designed to mitigate fiduciary risks. Together we have created a Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan (an "MEP" 401(k) Plan) that Organizational Members of UCA can Co-Sponsor, and offer to their most valuable resources, their employees.

It's a single 401(k) Plan, but it can have many Organizational Co-Sponsors. The more UCA Member companies that join the MEP 401(k) Plan, the lower the Plan costs will be, and the higher the potential Plan's returns can be, for all participants. Large and small employers will appreciate the institutional pricing and services typically not available to companies their size.  This valuable 401K Plan is available to UCA Organizational Members only.

Save Time. Save Money. Improve Returns and Retirement Outcomes.

Benefit from the size and "scale" that UCA membership can provide. 


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View these infographics to better understand the benefits this MEP 401(k) Plan can have for your organization