About the UCBX Subscription

We want to help you move from MBFF (Management by Fighting Fires) to MBFP (Management by Fire Prevention) – so we built the new UCBX. It's also a great way for practicing physicians and other providers to gain competence in urgent care management.

Each digital “urgent care box” includes education and resources to help you prevent management fires BEFORE they happen.  Your UCBX will include customized webinars, articles & resources, podcasts and a bit of fun.




In this month's box you will learn


play-activity-icon How to implement a strategic approach to performance evaluations
play-activity-icon How to track your employee turnover costs and work relative value units (wRVU) and why it’s important
activity-icon-30x30 Which radiology tasks you should be guiding your staff to perform daily and yearly to promote quality and safe x-rays
play-icon-30x30 How to decrease burnout in occupational medicine by understanding your patient mix and improved communication
play-icon-30x30 How to see your center through your patients' eyes


Podcast Play General Article Activity
podcast-icon play-icon cube-icon637479814497393589 article-icon pencil-icon


How to get your UCBX:

Six-month (Jan-June) subscription:* $450 member/$750 nonmember 

One-month (Jan Available Now) : $100 members/$150 nonmember

Below is a preview of what’s in each month. Each subscription includes all six months, no matter when you sign up.

*UCBX Beta Group Participation

Want to help us refine our UCBX program?  Purchase a six month subscription for January-June 2021, complete a beta-group detailed evaluation for 3 months, and we’ll give you a 50% refund on your tuition.  Space is limited!