Certified Urgent Care Management Professional (CUCMP)




The Certified Urgent Care Management Professional (CUCMP) certification is a vital designation for any urgent care professional seeking to advance their knowledge and distinguish themselves within the industry.


UCA has developed the Certified Urgent Care Management Professional (CUCMP) curriculum to serve as the next step in development and advancement for the urgent care manager. This designation differs from the UCMC (Urgent Care Management Certificate) in that applicants must demonstrate one of the following:


  1. A clinical Degree + 1-year supervisory experience in ambulatory care medicine; OR
  2. 2 years of supervisory experience in ambulatory care medicine; OR
  3. A Certificate in Urgent Care Management (UCMC) from UCA + 1-year supervisory experience
Candidates will need ~62 credits followed by an examination at the conclusion to achieve the CUCMP designation. The examination will cover coursework and practical management scenarios including those unique to the on-demand healthcare industry. (Please note that the CUCMP application will not be approved until the application fee has been paid)
NEW - CUCMP Group discounts now available! View group application rates HERE and view CUCMP group webinar discount HERE. Once accepted into the program, there will be a CUCMP Bundle available for purchase so you can start earning credits right away. The full CUCMP curriculum will be available by the end of 2020 - View the course list HERE.


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Additional Resources:

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CUCMP Curriculum (7 Domains, Over 60 Credits to develop and advance the urgent care professional) 

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Take the next step in your urgent care career! You will be part of an elite group when you complete the CUCMP designation. Distinguish yourself throughout the industry.

Additional Information/FAQs

UCA will be offering CUCMP courses both live and online. Live opportunities include UCA in-person events and real-time webinars. Non-live opportunities include pre-recorded webinars, recorded lectures, JUCM, or other elements as designated and approved by UCA. At least 60% of the CUCMP coursework needs to be obtained through live UCA sponsored educational programs. Initial training must be UCA coursework since the examination is constructed from the content.
Live hours may be face to face meeting content as designated by UCA or via live webinars where questions can be answered. Non-live includes pre-recorded webinars, UCA or other lectures, JUCM or other articles as designated by UCA. Mechanisms are in place for applicants to renewing managers to submit education attained elsewhere as a substitute for designated coursework, though there is no guarantee it will be accepted by the committee. (at least 60% needs to be UCA sponsored educational programs since an exam will be constructed based on the course content)


 Don't qualify for the CUCMP program? - Check out the Urgent Care Management Certificate (UCMC) !







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