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FREE! Introduction to the UCA Accreditation Process 2020:An Interactive Webinar- 1 p.m. CT
February 6, 2020

 FREE: Introduction to the UCA Accreditation Process 2020: An Interactive Webinar- 1 p.m. CT

Join us for a unique and unconventional webinar that will engage attendees, allowing them to ask questions that will be answered in real time. Prior to the webinar, you’ll be able to submit any questions you may have regarding the Accreditation process. Taylor Dunn, UCA’s Standards & Quality Director, will answer these questions and address uncertainties about getting started. Additionally, Taylor will review how to successfully apply for Accreditation and discuss the preparation involved. Our goal for the webinar is to help decrease the anxiety of preparing for an on-site survey while demonstrating how to engage staff and leadership.

  1. Identify how to get started with the New! Online Accreditation Application Process.
  2. Establish how to apply for Accreditation, next steps, and the differences in fees involved.
  3. Determine where to find additional resources/information about the UCA Accreditation process.
  4. Interpret how the surveying process will be conducted and what to expect after your survey is completed.
  5. Distinguish ways to ensure your organization remains in compliance with UCA’s Standards through the Annual Compliance Review.
  6. Discover how to add new centers to your existing Accreditation & the multiple types of attestation forms available.


Taylor Dunn, MBA has been working in healthcare for many years and has earned her MBA in Healthcare Administration, which has led her to the position as UCA’s Director of Standards & Quality. As the head of the accreditation and certification department, Taylor will be able to provide insight on how the accreditation process works, how to successfully prepare your organization and the timeframe that you can expect for your centers to achieve the accreditation distinction. Through her experiences, Taylor will provide the top challenges organizations face while applying and preparing for accreditation, what to expect during your on-site survey, where to find additional resources, and how to keep your center’s in compliance once your survey has been completed.


Taylor Dunn, MBA, is an employee of the Urgent Care Association and has no financial relationships to disclose.

Registration Fees:
  • $0.00 - FREE: Introduction to the UCA Accreditation Process 2020:An Interactive Webinar
  • $0.00 - FREE: Introduction to the UCA Accreditation Process 2020:An Interactive Webinar






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