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Integrating Telemedicine into Urgent Care - Part I and II *CUCMP credit available
July 25 - August 15, 2019

Integrating Telemedicine into Urgent Care - Part 1 and 2

Part 1: Thursday, July 25 at 1PM CST 

The decision has been made to move forward with Telemedicine as a competitive advantage or to stay competitive as virtual Urgent Care expands. A thoughtful process, charter and a project plan need to be followed. This course walks you through designing your Use cases and what the downstream implications are for the added services. Based on your Use Cases and goals the next step is creating a gap analysis of functionalities needed to vend for the TM Platform best suited for the clinic. Vendor analysis can be tricky unless you have developed specific business requirements based on the capabilities defined. The course then walks you through contracting issues along with pre and post implementation must haves and pitfalls to have a successful launch.

Learning Objectives - Part 1:

  • Based on your organizational goals be able to define the Use cases you are solving for with a Telemedicine program.
  • Consider the capabilities and supporting infrastructure needed to initiate your program.
  • When vending for a TM platform be able to define requirements of the platform to be a successful solution set.
  • Describe the necessary steps during an implementation process.
  • Assess a program at launch and have realistic expectations.

Part 2: Thursday, August 15 at 1PM CST

Integrating Telemedicine into existing workflows is critical for the success of a program. This course focuses on the more important workflow and process issues that need to be considered. Staffing models need to fit as seamlessly as possible into current hiring, training and coverage patterns but will probably evolve with increased virtual volume. Consideration of data integration and documentation practices should be carefully tested and as simple to execute as possible. We will discuss setting reasonable expectations and growth metrics as well as measuring the success of a program. What comes next in terms of horizontal and vertical virtual services that can be leveraged for expansion will also be discussed..

Learning Objectives - Part 2:

  • Determine a Telemedicine staffing matrix that best suits and fits the organizational structure
  • Assess how documentation is integrated between the disparate systems including the EMR, scheduler and TM platform
  • Consider and align workflow patterns to minimize the impact of a new program 
  • Apply the outcome metrics your Organization will utilize to measure the success of the program
  • Formulate possible scenarios for expansion and growth of the service.

Presenter Information:

Dr. Bill Lewis is currently the Principal of WellMedcare Consulting, providing Telemedicine program development and Consultation for multiple Fortune 200 companies including Humana as well as Provider groups. Within the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) he has provided Implementation training courses and worked on guideline development. He is the Chair of the Telemedicine Accreditation Committee through CHQI and Chair of the Telemed Section for UCA. He served for two years as the CMO of GlobalMed, a national Telemedicine equipment and infrastructure company with presence around the world. He provides consultation support for multiple Urgent Care groups launching telemedicine products. Dr. Lewis served as the Senior Vice President of Medical Operations for Concentra Health Services and within Humana and Select Medical for 20 years with the responsibility of supervising over 400 physicians in the Pacific states with 140 clinics and 200 worksites in his tenure. Dr. Lewis obtained his Boards in Emergency Medicine and practiced emergency medicine and urgent care for twelve years prior to obtaining an MBA and practicing Urgent and Occupational Medicine. Dr. Lewis received his medical degree at the Ohio State University and did his emergency medicine residency at the University of Oklahoma.

CUCMP Credit Information:

This webinar is required as part of the CUMCP program and fulfills the General Operations domain while providing learners the opportunity to earn 1.5 live CUMCP credits (attendance will be verified). The CUMCP program requires that 37 of the 60 credits be live credits. Live credits may be earned through attending webinars and CUCMP sessions at UCA’s annual spring convention and expo. Once verified you will have access to the CUCMP quiz to complete the credit and survey. In order to earn credit, the CUCMP quiz must be passed and the survey completed. You must earn a score of 80% on the quiz and will be given 3 attempts to do so.

Registration Fees:
  • $75.00 - 2019 CUCMP Webinar - Telemed in UC - Member Fee
  • $150.00 - 2019 CUCMP Webinar - Telemed in UC - Non-Member Fee






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