Board of Directors Election 2020

Nominations Now Open: 2020 Board of Directors

Submit your nomination for the UCA 2020 Board of Directors election. Any member wanting to run for the board must receive 25 member signatures to support his/her candidacy by Monday, March 2. There are three open director positions for the 2020 election year. Directors are elected by members through an online process that is held from April 27 trough May 5. 

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2020 Election

Directors of the UCA Board are elected by members through an online process that culminates at the UCA2020 Convention (May 3-6, Las Vegas, NV). All voting members are eligible to vote whether attending the convention or not.  

UCA bylaws have restrictions regarding board composition. To review the bylaws (esp. section 3.02), click here. There are no restrictions on candidates for the 2020 election.

There are three open board seats for the 2020 election.   

election 2020


Thank you to Sean McNeeley, MD, FCUCM, for your years of service to UCA and the urgent care industry!


Election Ballot

Voting is held from April 27 through May 5. If you are attending the UCA2020 Convention, voting kiosks will be set up at UCA Central, or you can vote via any device with an internet connection.

If you are not attending the convention, you can vote via online ballot. An email with a link to the ballot and personalized login credentials will be sent out April 27. Individual members receive an email to the designated address in their profile, and center members have a designated corporate contact who received an email.

Voting Structure

Each individual or center member is afforded vote(s) commensurate with the UCA level of membership. If you have a center membership, your vote is weighted based on the number of centers in your "organization”. 

The number of votes allocated for an individual or practice is determined by the member type. Pre-opening center, student, and vendor members do not have voting privileges.

Note: Only members in good standing, by the opening day of the election (April 27) are eligible to vote.


UCA is governed by a Board of Directors. Each director serves a three-year term and can serve up to two consecutive terms. Board Officers are elected by the Directors. For a list of the current Board of Directors, click here.

If you have any questions regarding the election please contact Jami Kral at 331-472-3742.


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