Urgent Care Political Action Committee (UCAPAC)

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UCAPAC, the Urgent Care Association Political Action Committee, is the only federal PAC exclusively dedicated to supporting and electing legislators who support urgent care industry goals and objectives. The PAC also provides support for UCA legislative activities including grassroots advocacy at the state and local level, management of federal and state lobbyists, and key contact networks.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the UCA Political Action Committee


UCAPAC is an affiliate of the members of the Urgent Care Association and participation is entirely voluntary. The PAC is independent of any political organization, party or candidate. Administrative costs of the program are paid by the Urgent Care Association.


UCAPAC accepts contributions from eligible urgent care industry members and supporters who share common interests in electing state and federal candidates to political office. UCAPAC does not have a political party affiliation and its main purpose is to elect qualified candidates for federal office, and when legally permissible, state and local office.