Max Lebow, MD




Max Lebow, MD, MPH, Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Preventive/Occupational Medicine, is Medical Director of Reliant Immediate Care Medical Group, practicing Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine in Los Angeles, CA. He also serves as President and Medical Director of Insight Practice Partners, Inc., a billing and Revenue Cycle Management company, working with Urgent Care and occupational medicine clinics throughout the United States.

After graduating from West Virginia University School of Medicine, Dr. Lebow completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Charity Hospital of New Orleans. He received his Master of Public Health from Medical College of Wisconsin, and his Masters of Business Administration from Taft University. He is past Chair of the California Medical Review, Inc./Lumeta, Inc., a California Non-profit Quality Improvement Organization. Besides his other activities, he serves on a number of Boards including the College of Urgent Care Medicine and . Previously, Dr. Lebow was Emergency Department Medical Director at Centinela Hospital Medical Center, in Inglewood California.

Dr. Lebow was the 2016 recipient of the Urgent Care Association Community Service Award. He is also has received Special Commendation Award by the City of Inglewood, California, for his advocacy to Improve Health Care for the Underserved Community, and the City of Los Angeles Certificate of Appreciation, Department of Disability, for Contributions to the Disabled Community in 2013. Dr. Lebow speaks frequently to both medical and community groups on quality in medical care and the expanding role of Urgent Care medicine in our healthcare delivery system.