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UCSC consultants can help you prepare your center for Accreditation



Our Accreditation Preparation Experts Will Guide You Through the 7 Key Standards:

  • Governance - Involves the designation of a group of individuals charged with establishing & monitoring proper implementation of policies within an organization
  • Patient Care Processes - Patient identifiers, Medical record documentation, Verbal order policies and more
  • Health Record Management - Includes verification of password-protection, Documentation of incoming & outgoing telephone messages, Process for informed consent, Disaster preparedness plan for medical records, etc.
  • Human Resources  - Written policies regarding background checks, Evidence of org chart, Documented HR record for each staff member, and more
  • Patient Privacy, Rights & Responsibilities - Documented process to disclose caregiver credentials & positions, Evidence of written HIPAA privacy policies, Display of patient rights & responsibilities statement, etc.
  • Physical Environment - Includes verification of written plan to manage safety risks associated with physical environment, Management of fire risks, Validated integrity of medical equipment, Infection control & prevention plan, etc.
  • Quality Improvement - A process that consists of systematic & continuous actions that lead to measurable improvement in healthcare services


Get expert assistance and advice to prepare your urgent care center for UCA Accreditation

Finding an Accreditation Consultant - How it Works:

  1. Contact us through this short form (we'll contact you to clarify any specific needs)
  2. We'll provide direct connections to select UCSC Accreditation Experts with knowledge in the right areas, and availability for your project
  3. You choose who to contact, who to select, and terms of the engagement
  4. We close the loop together once the contract is signed
  5. We stay connected with you and the Accreditation Expert throughout the project to ensure all is going well