Urgent Care Services Corporation (UCSC)
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UCSC Consultants can help you open an urgent care, improve your operations and outcomes, and prepare for accreditation or an acquisition



Our Experts Have Experience in:

  • Revenue Cycle - Billing; Collections; Payer contracting; In-house vs. Outsource
  • Leadership - Building culture; Setting goals; Change management; Creating systems; Accountability; Building a leader team; Strategy & growth; Evaluating partnerships; Adding services
  • Operations - Recruiting/hiring; Performance management; Staffing; Teamwork; Employee engagement; Rewards systems; Delegating; Creating reports; Project management; Choosing an EMR; Using data; Improving patient satisfaction
  • Occupational Medicine  - Integrating OM into urgent care; Attracting and keeping employer clients; Provider training; Marketing
  • Clinical Quality - Creating peer review programs; Developing quality metrics; Provider engagement; Clinical training programs; Policy development
  • Startup - Site selection; Business plans; Funding; Recruiting/hiring; Rewards systems; Policies & processes; Marketing
  • Compliance - Policy review; Understanding regulatory requirements; Preparing for Accreditation
  • UCA Accreditation - Be better prepared for your survey or renewal


Need assistance opening a successful urgent care, or looking for expert advice to improve your operations or prepare for accreditation?

Finding a Consultant - How it Works:

  1. Contact us through this short form (we'll contact you to clarify any specific needs)
  2. We'll provide direct connections to select UCSC Experts with knowledge in the right areas, and availability for your project
  3. You choose who to contact, who to select, and terms of the engagement
  4. We close the loop together once the contract is signed
  5. We stay connected with you and the Expert throughout the project to ensure all is going well

Current UCSC consultants include:


Alan A. Ayers, MBA, MAcc

Robert D. Baca, CPA, MSOD, MT

Stacy Calvaruso, MBA

Steven Covert

Brian L. Cruz, MD, MBA

Mike Dalton, MBA, CPA, NHA

Luis de la Prida, MBA, CMAA

John L. Earnest

Curtis Franke, MD

Shaun Ginter, MBA, FACHE

Anika Goodwin, MD, FACS

Trip Hale, RT(R)(ARRT)

Donald Herip, MD, MPH, FACOEM

Benjamin Iskhakov, JD, CRS

Sandeep Jain, MD

Brent Kell, RT(R)

Rahul Khare, MD

Atul Kumar, MD, MBA

Shane Lacaillade, MBA, MHA

KellyAnn Laffey, MBA

Cindi Lang, RN, MS

Tammy Mallow

Barbara McKee Newman

Sean M. McNeeley, MD, FCUCM

Amanda Montalbano, MD, MPH, FAAP

Paul Nanda, MD, MS

Sharon L. Nicka, RN, CPC

Jason North

Tracy Patterson, MBA, MHSA, CHC

Bonnie Peterson

Mark Reddinger

Marc Salzberg, MD, FACEP

Nathanael Schultz

Rachel Sossoman, MSHR, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Pamela C. Sullivan, MD, MBA, FACP, PT

Amy Tecosky

Jay Tolia

Thomas Tryon, MD, MBA, FAAP

J.D. Zipkin, MD, MA

Seeking Expert Consultants for UCSC


Do you have knowledge that could help new or struggling urgent care operators be more successful? Use your hard-won experience and knowledge to help others have a smoother path, understand their options, develop growth strategies, prepare for Accreditation or just navigate their startup.

As urgent care has become a mainstream healthcare business line, there are not enough truly knowledgeable experts to go around - and too many pretenders.

We want to change that. 

More information on becoming a Consultant with UCSC can be found here.


The Urgent Care Services Corporation (UCSC) has been established for the purpose of providing consulting services for accreditation and other needs that may arise within an urgent care center.

Ready to lend your knowledge and expertise to those seeking assistance in the rapidly growing urgent care industry?