College of Urgent Care Medicine®



The College of Urgent Care Medicine® (CUCM), formally known as the Urgent Care College of Physicians (UCCOP), was founded by physicians from the Urgent Care Association (UCA) to provide a physician voice for the specialty. CUCM and UCA continue to work closely to advance the clinical practice of urgent care medicine. In 2016 the UCCOP board voted to include physician assistants and nurse practitioners as members. Thus in early 2017 the decision to change their name was made.

Mission Statement

We are urgent care clinicians inspiring excellence in patient care and advancing the specialty through education, advocacy, and research.





Urgent Updates—a New Member Benefit of contemporary and clinically relevant information with the information’s resource.



Connect with colleagues through the CUCM LISTSERV Created just for members of the College to enable discussion on clinical, administrative, and practice management topics. The LISTSERV is intended to promote the sharing of ideas and collaboration between urgent care providers.

Fellowship Status with CUCM


Are you a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant who is committed to the specialty of Urgent Care as your career? Are you a contributing member of the College of Urgent Care Medicine® and the Urgent Care Association? 

You should be recognized for your achievement! Applications are now being accepted for Fellowship in the College of Urgent Care Medicine®. Qualified applicants will have demonstrated a solid foundation in urgent care medicine and a commitment to CUCM. Once accepted, you can present yourself as a Fellow with the initials FCUCM.


Advanced Practice Providers


Apply to become a fellow today!

  • Fellowship is $295 and is a lifetime benefit for those who remain in good standing with their CUCM membership.
  • Those who achieve fellowship status will be entitled to use the initials FCUCM - Fellow of the College of Urgent Care Medicine®



You will join the ranks of current fellows who continue to advance our specialty every day: 

Seema Awatramani, MD, FCUCM
Robyn Baron, DO, FCUCM
Rupal Bhingradia, MD, FAAFP, FCUCM
Lisa H. Bishop, DNP, MHA, FNP-Bc, FCUCM
Sheila E. Bloomquist, MD, FAAFP, FCUCM
Mark Buckner, MD, FCUCM
Chrysa Charno, PA-C, MBA, FCUCM
Marcelo Chauvet, MD, FCUCM
Shaun E. Cole, MD, MPH, FCUCM
Tracey Q. Davidoff, MD, FCUCM
Patrick Dolan, MD, FAAP, FCUCM
William Gluckman, DO, MBA, FACEP, CPE, FCUCM
Robert G. Graw, Jr., MD, FCUCM
Glenn Harnett, MD, FCUCM
Robin Henson, DNP, RN, CPNP-CP, FCUCM
Roger Hicks, MD, FCUCM
Cesar Mora Jaramillo, MD, FAAFP, FCUCM
Nathan Kiskila, MD, FAAFP, FCUCM
John Kulin, DO, FACEP, FCUCM
Peter Lamelas, MD, MBA, FACEP, FCUCM
James Lee, MD, FCUCM
Sean McNeeley, MD, FCUCM
Nichele Nivens, MD, FAAFP, FCUCM
Roma Patel, MD, FCUCM
Joshua Russell, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, FCUCM
Bahar Sedarati, MD, FCUCM
Shannon Sheridan-Geldart, MS, PA-C, FCUCM
James B. Short, MD, FCUCM

Benjamin Silverberg, MD, MSc, FAAFP, FCUCM
Pam Sullivan, MD, MBA, FACP, PT, FCUCM
Alicia Tezel, MD, FCUCM

Joe Toscano, MD, FCUCM
Thomas Tryon, MD, MBA, FAAP, FCUCM
Mary Ann Yehl, DO, FCUCM