College of Urgent Care Medicine
About UCA


Welcome to the College of Urgent Care Medicine® (CUCM), formerly the Urgent Care College of Physicians (UCCOP).  

Besides a new name the College has made many new changes:

  • In 2016, the Board of CUCM voted to change their bylaws include physician assistants and nurse practitioners as members of the college.
  • A monthly newsletter has been launched.  The first two issues were provided to the entire UCA membership.  All other issues are CUCM-only Benefit.
  • Individual Physician membership in UCA includes membership to CUCM.  Click here for UCA membership information.

Votes are in!  New CUCM Board Member

The College of Urgent Care Medicine® election concluded at the UCA Conference in October, and one new board members was elected.

CUCM is pleased to announce the following new addition to their Board of Directors:

Yvette McQueen, MD, CEO/Physician, MedQueen LLC.  

For more information on our newly elected board member refer to her bio.

CUCM would like to thank Dr. Janet Williams for her years of service to CUCM and the urgent care industry.

Fellowship Status within CUCM

  • Once a physician has been a CUCM member for at least one year and has met the following criteria they are eligible - Criteria
  • Fellowship is $495 and is a lifetime benefit for those who remain in good standing with their CUCM membership.
  • Those who achieve fellowship status will be entitled to use the initials FCUCM - Fellow of the College of Urgent Care Medicine®
  • To apply complete the online application

Much more to come!




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