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Posted: Apr 15, 2019
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Author: UCA Admin

Posted by Brian Williams, MHA, MBA, Director of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, medtrainer

The successful 2019 Urgent Care Convention and Expo ended last week. We are confident the over 500 attendees that came are motivated from all the new industry insights, and incredible advancements happening in the Urgent Care Sector. Attendees have multiple new strategies and plans to improve their employee and patient experience at their Urgent Care Centers. It is so important to keep this successful momentum going as you return to your centers. What is your post UCA expo strategy to maximize your return for your Urgent Care Center? Check out our 3 Post UCA Expo Must Haves.

This checklist ensures the 3 most imperative urgent care priorities are handled first. 

# 1. Federal Requirements.

A clinic will not open or stay open if all federally mandated requirements are not met. Therefore, any strategy behind staying and remaining compliant should come first. Is your facility in good standing with their compliance and accreditation? If not, what are your deficiencies and why?

A topic on the rise in UCC's is Disaster Preparedness plans. Although Disaster Preparedness plans are not required yet at UCCs like they are in hospitals and community health centers. There is extensive research being done on the impact UCC's can have during disasters and emergencies. This ASPR TRACIE (Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response (ASPR) Technical Resources, Assistance Center, and Information Exchange (Tracie) article details research on the UCCs and disasters. UCC's can assist with the stabilization of wounds, burns, lacerations, etc.  No one wants a disaster to happen, but when it does, is your UCC prepared to assist? Often in hospitals, they perform drills to ensure staff know the plan if a disaster happens. This appears to be the trajectory of UCCs. Another often overlooked requirement is equipment management. Anyone working in a clinic knows the sometimes painstakingly manual equipment management procedures. There have been many advancements here on making equipment management digital and easily manageable.

#2. Reimbursement. Now that your federal requirements have been dialed in and streamlined the next major priority is timely reimbursement. The Urgent Care Sector is growing at an exponential rate. The government is taking notice and increasing regulations and requirements. To ensure proper reimbursement it is critical to have your provider and facility credentialing correct. You want to keep your doors open so you can continue serving our patient population and a critical part of that is reimbursement. Utilizing an easy to follow Master Credentialing Checklist will ensure you do not miss something on your application and cause reimbursement delays to your center. 

#3. Staffing. The federal requirements and reimbursement handled; we turn to staff. This is the heart of the organization, the people. Do your employees feel well trained and always a breadth of the new policies and procedures? Training is imperative to keeping your urgent care center competitive. Is your facility leveraging technology to keep your staff trained? The latest development in training is microlearning. Short digital courses your staff can quickly and comfortably learn competencies. This way your staff can feel confident and secure they have the cutting-edge knowledge in their industry. 

Achieving these 3 post UCA Expo Must-Haves will ensure success at your urgent care center. We look forward to all the progress the urgent care sector makes and the great impact you make on the lives of all your patients.


This blog article is a benefit of UCA's Corporate Support Partners (CSP) program. Thank you to MedTrainer, a Gold Level CSP.



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