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CEO INSIGHTS: Our Secret Sauce - The Big Five

Posted: Apr 3, 2019
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Author: UCA Admin

Posted by Sean M McNeeley, MD, FCUCM​

Every successful organization has a way to focus on its mission.  Over the last five years your UCA board of directors and staff have been working hard to assure the organization and you, our members, are able to face the challenges of an evolving medical system and maturing industry.  We have re-invigorated the clinical College and Foundation and retooled your Association for the future.   We have a comprehensive strategic plan, mission, vision statement and values.  You can find most of this on the new website.  What is not there is the secret sauce.  First described by our past president, Steve Sellars, the big five are a great way to look at our success as an organization as they are the areas we know must be a priority.  Today, I am sharing them with you along with recent accomplishments in each category.  So, without further ado, here they are:


Without you we have no reason to exist.  Our biggest advancement last year was implementation of new membership software.  This will allow us to serve you better.  Special thanks to Jami and the rest of the UCA team for accomplishing this huge feat.  With this we have expanded our membership levels and made it possible to add on a membership in our clinician college (CUCM) to your group membership for just $95.  We added to the number of votes for newer membership levels, and an assortment of new member benefits that are too numerous to mention here but can be found on the new website. 


We now provide one big all-encompassing, yearly convention and expo.  It was a difficult choice to sunset the fall conference, but we knew we could provide you with the best product ever if we focused on just one event per year.  We have partnered with Hippo Education through the College to provide an urgent care bootcamp to help clinicians  prepare for whatever comes through the door.  The Certified Urgent Care Management Professional designation will keep our management teams on the cutting edge.  The Urgent Caring Newsletter hit year three and will expand significantly in coming months. 


As we have grown and matured, many outsiders have begun to pay more attention to our industry.  We have been there for you and your organizations when lawmakers debated legislation that might have an enormous impact on our ability to provide patients the care and access they need.  We partnered with great organizations such as NERUCA in these matters.  We have even started a PAC to make sure we are there for our patients now and into the future.

The Association, the College and the Foundation have taken a stand on antibiotic stewardship and are actively working with the CDC and the Antibiotic Resistance Action Center (ARAC) at George Washington University to safeguard these important medications for when we truly need them.

Our Accreditation process is growing and provides a way for organizations to show their focus on quality and safety to outsiders such as insurance companies, regulators, and government officials.  We don’t require it but others do so we have provided a process with a strong urgent care emphasis. 


We have been seeking to partner with those who can help you, our members.  Vendors, other organizations, and government agencies are just the beginning of those we have been working with.  We also are constantly working to strengthen our relationship with you, our members. 


The basis of any relationship has also been a priority for us.  Communication with our members, patients, insurers, other organizations, and governmental agencies all to assure our industry and its importance to our patients is understood and continues to be a high quality, low cost, and convenient option for all those in need of urgent care. 

It is hard to believe that by the time you read this, my time as UCA Board President will be over.  I now move into the past president position and wish Dr. Richard Park all the best as I pass him the baton.  Although this article is not intended to be about me, I do want to thank those who made this year go smoothly including my fellow board members, the UCA staff and particularly our CEO, Laurel Stoimenoff. 




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