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INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES: Getting the Most out of the UCA Convention

Posted: Mar 18, 2019
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Author: UCA Admin

Posted by McKesson Medical-Surgical

It’s hard to believe that it’s just few short weeks before the UCA Convention in West Palm Beach is upon us.

By now I’d imagine most everyone planning to be there has registered with UCA, has scheduled flights, made hotel reservations and has transportation plans.  I would also think most everyone has also glanced at the very robust convention schedule and has a good idea of how to spend their time and which sessions they’d like to attend.

So how do you get the most out of being in West Palm Beach?  Here are a few suggestions:

Establish What Your Convention Goals Are

  • Define your goals, write them down and prioritize them.  This will help ensure you make a plan and schedule your time for attending the right sessions, meeting with colleagues and networking with new people that will help you best accomplish those goals.  Waiting to set a plan until you arrive often means being overwhelmed by choices and coming out of the few days you’ll be there with a lot less gained than if a plan – even a loose one – was set by you beforehand.

Have a Networking Plan

  • Networking is great goal but if there are specific people you want to meet, list who they are and make an effort to contact those people as far in advance as possible and schedule a specific place, day and time to meet.  Planning on bumping into the right people and getting an impromptu meeting scheduled on the fly isn’t easy once the hustle and bustle of the convention is in full swing.  Consider emailing someone you’d like to meet a short introductory note and mention a mutual friend or common interest to get help establish a connection.  If the person is a speaker of a topic you're especially interested in, tell them that you plan to attend the session and hope to get a few minutes with them afterwards.  At a minimum, provide your cell number and ask for theirs so you can potentially text and connect at a more convenient time for them – even if it’s after the convention.

Exhibit Hall is a Wealth of Knowledge and Resources

  • Schedule time each day to explore what’s new in the exhibit hall.  Take a look at the exhibit hall map and circle the vendor booths you want to go to based on your convention goals.  Who can potentially help you tackle operational efficiencies? Who can help you expand services and generate new sources of revenue? Who can help you with training your staff?  The vendors and exhibitors can also be great source of information that can go beyond what your colleagues and other attendees can share.  Many of these exhibitors have intel and analytics on the market and trends from their own direct experience providing Urgent Care Centers with their products and services.  What’s more, these vendors typically serve customers across other healthcare industry players including retail clinics, emergency departments, surgery centers and physician offices many of which are, or could soon be, direct competitors to your Urgent Care.  Bottom line, the vendors can be a valuable resource that you should tap into.

Take Good Notes Along the Way

  • Over the course of 3 to 4 days you’ll be bombarded with a wide range of newly acquired knowledge, new contacts, a stack of business cards and specific things you’ll want to take back with you to share with your staff.  One good tip is to use your cell phone camera as a quick and easy way to capture something you want to recall afterwards.  Again, based on your goals, highlight and prioritize your key learnings so that you have a quick and easy post-convention place to reference back to.

Attending the UCA Convention will undoubtedly be a great and exciting experience.  Get the most out of it by setting your goals and having a plan to help ensure you get the most out of it.  See you there.

This blog article is a benefit of UCA's Corporate Support Partners (CSP) program. Thank you to McKesson Medical-Surgical, a Diamond Level CSP.


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