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CEO Insights: 2018 - A Look in the Rearview Mirror

Posted: Dec 1, 2018
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Posted By Laurel Stoimenoff

Recently while sitting in a restaurant, I noticed a sign declaring, “Good price, good quality, good service. Pick any two.” The uniqueness of the urgent care model is you get all three. The value provided by the 8,700+ centers across the country is arguably the best in medicine. Yet we must relentlessly communicate that value. As I was told years ago, “If you don’t toot your own horn, someone will use it is as a spittoon.” If patients, employers, health plans, legislators, and other stakeholders don’t perceive urgent and on-demand care as a high-value service, the solutions we provide will be ignored, stifled, and spittooned.

The Urgent Care Association (UCA) recently reflected on the value we bring. The Board convened and contemplated, “Who do we serve first and foremost?” Discussion ensued, but all agreed that our primary customer is our members. Our fundamental job is to support you and your success. It is the litmus test by which we, with finite resources, must prioritize our activities.


What’s New?

With member value in mind, what was newly launched in 2018?

  • Based on feedback, our current Certified Urgent Care (CUC) program expanded beyond its former offerings to also recognize after-hours pediatric, orthopedic, and international urgent care centers.
  • The Annual Benchmarking Report was enhanced via a partnership with Merchant Medicine as the most sought-after resource about the industry—and it is offered at no cost to participating centers.
  • UCA responded to inquiries by offering its first Accreditation Workshop and now accredits over 800 centers.
  • A new association management system platform was launched, with aspirations of providing a much more engaging member experience, extending from our website to education.
  • Clinical best practice algorithms were published in collaboration with the College of Urgent Care Medicine.
  • A diabetes screening research project was launched through the Urgent Care Foundation.
  • While already involved in antibiotic stewardship efforts, we quickly responded to the CDC’s letter on antibiotic prescribing in the urgent care sector; stewardship toolkits were published, stakeholders convened, and a plan is in place to do our part.
  • Operators ask for industry talent, so the Certified Urgent Care Management Professional program was introduced.
  • We advocated on Capitol Hill and at the state level and launched the UCA Political Action Committee (UCAPAC).
  • Finally, we are excited about an initiative that we anticipate will deliver patients to member center doors in new and unique ways. Stay tuned for more information on that in the coming months.


Fall Conference is in the Books

I’m pleased to report that we received favorable feedback on our fall conference. The first Buy, Sell, Partner full-day event was a success. The 2018 Fall Conference is likely to be our last that will take place in the fall, as we will focus on one exceptional, grand event each spring. Oceans of Opportunity, the 2019 Annual Convention & Expo, will take place April 7-10 in West Palm Beach, FL. Planning is already in progress, and it’s going to be a fantastic event for all. The fall season will now be UCA’s opportunity to support our growing chapters’ regional events while also freeing up staff time and resources to apply towardenhancing member success.


Membership Matters

We expect to bring our members great value. And we cannot continue our mission to advance the industry without your support. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to those who attend our events, exhibit at our events, support us as Corporate Support Partners, and renew or join UCA as members. Those things allow us to continue to advance the urgent care and on-demand healthcare industry. Our mutual success translates to healthier communities. We hope you garner value from your membership. I know we do. Onward to a great 2019!





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