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EDUCATIONAL INSIGHTS: Dose 1: Houston, We've Got Solutions!

Posted: Dec 3, 2018
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Now that we’ve re-entered orbit from “New Frontiers,” we’d like to share some of the easy-to-execute pearls of wisdom from our top two sessions shared in Houston.  These Take-Home Tactics are designed to give attendees and non-attendee members alike the opportunity to share in the educational experience that was offered at this final Fall Conference!

Difficult Conversations: Doctors, Patients and Staff / Difficult Conversations Part II: Leadership, Employees and Facilitating Productive Conversations

Having productive, meaningful conversations and holding others accountable in the workplace can be challenging and frustrating for people.   This course offered strategies for communication, conflict resolution and creating a development plan for team members while addressing the importance of having productive conversations with patients as well. 

Take Home Tactic:  Understanding our own behavioral tendencies as well as other people’s tendencies, improves our ability to communicate.

“Remember: every problem is a chance to build a relationship.    Learn to recognize verbal and non-verbal cues and use their language vs. yours.”



Amy Lafko is national speaker and Founder/CEO of Cairn Consulting Solutions. Amy focuses her work on employee engagement, team effectiveness, leadership development and Board of Directors optimization. Amy has earned her MSPT from Ithaca College, her MBA from Loyola University of MD and is a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst. Amy leverages over 20 years of professional leadership experience primarily focused in operational leadership in a variety of healthcare settings and with organizations of varying sized.





Paul Nanda, MD, MS, currently serves as Medical Director of Fast Track Urgent Care, the largest physician-owned urgent care organization in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida region.  This father of two enjoys spending time with his family and traveling internationally – volunteering, for work, or for play.






High Risk X-Rays

Take your musculoskeletal x-ray interpretation skills to the next level by learning to recognize critically subtle radiographic findings that you cannot miss. Save yourself and your patients the hassle of callbacks and revised over-reads.

Take Home Tactic:  Not all bony “flecks” are innocuous.  Think of the Winking Owl …

“The winking eye or winking owl sign refers to the appearances of the spine, when a pedicle is absent - almost always due to a bony metastasis. The usual appearance of the pedicles representing two eyes on the AP projection is lost, as one pedicle is destroyed - it then appears like one eye is open and the other is winking or shut. Potentially all bony metastases can do this, however breast cancer and lung cancer are the usual culprits.”



Paul Jhun, MD, is an award-winning educator and practicing Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. As the content designer for Hippo Education (hippoed.com) Dr. Jhun has worked closely with major urgent care groups to create the ultimate online urgent care bootcamp for onboarding clinicians. 





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