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CEO INSIGHTS: Metamorphosis

Posted: Jul 16, 2020
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Posted by Lou Ellen Horwitz, Chief Executive Officer, UCA

Sometimes events in the outside world open your eyes to a need for transformation, a metamorphosis - and the effects of COVID-19 have done that for UCA. 

We all know from experience that transformation is often a painful experience.  To become something new you often have to sacrifice part of your current self, and that usually hurts. 

For us, transformation has meant taking a hard look at everything we are doing, how we are doing it, whether we should keep doing it, what we should double-down on, what we should be doing that we aren’t doing now…and examining our internal capabilities to be sure we are ready for where we believe urgent care can and should go.

At the beginning of July, those examinations resulted in the layoff of six of our team members. This was indeed a hurtful experience for everyone as we are a small team in a small world that often feels like family.  These team members contributed significantly during their time with us, some of them for many years, but the need for transformation in the areas of their roles also necessitated change - and we had to say goodbye.

We are in the process of rebuilding our Accreditation and Education areas.  We have new positions open now; and are seeking two special individuals with urgent care experience to fill both of these roles.  If you know someone amazing, please send them our way.  We’ve already made one new hire, and I look forward to sharing the very exciting news about who that is with you soon.

The departure of these team members has left a large hole in our operations, and I want to thank the incredible individuals helping us manage these areas as we rebuild.  First is Cindi Lang, RN, MS, who thought she was retiring from her role as Certification and Accreditation Advisor on July 1.  Cindi has continued to serve us as a supporter and mentor to our team over these past weeks and I am so thankful for her.  On the staff, Nicole Iwinski, Katie Holzkopf, Sue Holzkopf, Callie Matheny and Kim Youngblood have taken on extra responsibilities temporarily, and I am so impressed with their knowledge and fortitude as we navigate these waters.  Lastly, Laurel Stoimenoff continues be in the trenches with us every single day and I appreciate her every single day.

Thanks to all of you for your patience as we go through this part of our transformation.  We know you are all facing similar challenges and we’ll get to a new place together.

Please reach out to me any time. 


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