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EDUCATIONAL INSIGHTS: UCA2019 Convention Take Home Tactics Dose 9: Developing your Current and Emergent Leaders

Posted: Aug 20, 2019
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Author: UCA Admin

We want to make sure you are continuing the conversations started at the 2019 Urgent Care Convention & Expo by giving you Take Home Tactics.

You can also check out the best of our educational content throughout the summer months with our first UCA Summer School!

Share this with your staff as a way of offering everyone the opportunity to change the way they look at on-demand medicine.

Growth brings challenges! Methods used by Leaders in the startup phase may no longer work at operational phase.  The first thing that must scale is your own leadership approach. Gain insights into the S-curve (the Business’ Life Cycle). Acquire critical leadership capabilities and habits to help reach goals. Articulate your organization’s culture and values and ensure it spreads through all locations and learn how to develop leaders “in-house.” 

Take Home Tactic #1: Track the Life Cycle of your Urgent Care Clinics by initiating new S-curves.  Luckily there is life beyond the curve.  The secret of constant growth is to start a new Sigmoid curve before the first one peters out.”  You may not need to open a new clinic, or initiate a new line of business … the key is to start a new curve.  It takes courage and a degree of risk to change things when everything is going well.

Take Home Tactic #2: Disrupt the Calf Paths in your clinics.  It’s easy to follow, harder to lead.  Be careful of following the same path – innovate and consider “thinking differently” as often as possible, that will lead to success.

Take Home Tactic #3: : Use Skills – Culture Matrix to hire for “fit” instead of just filling an empty position.   Hiring the right person for the job is more important than ever.  Consider this from former G.E. CEO, Jack Welch’s four types of managers. The employees who live by your established corporate values are the ones that should stay and help continue to build growth and development; those who can’t share the same value structure are the employees that you should part ways with.



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Mike Dalton, MBA CPA NHA, is currently a UCA Board Member.  He was an early investor / Board Member at Docutap. As COO of Doctors Express, he oversaw operations and the eventual sale of 80 clinics to AFC. Mike also co-founded Immediate Clinic which grew to 17 Urgent Care, Primary Care & Occ Med clinics in Seattle & Colorado. He led each business through the exit/sales process to health system buyers. Mike is Founder of Quixote Capital, investing & advising Healthcare Services companies. Free time is spent on adventure travel, #vanlife, deep snow, big waves, IronMans, 6 children and his sweetheart, Brynne.







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