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CEO INSIGHTS: Accelerating Through a Summer Slump to Summer Success

Posted: Jul 1, 2019
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Posted by Laurel Stoimenoff, CEO, UCA

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is an endurance sports car race. This prestigious event has been taking place in France since 1923. A driver once surmised that his success in the race occurred when conditions caused drivers to slow. He’d quickly evaluate the risks and, when able, seize that moment by accelerating instead of slowing.

Patient volume dips during the summer months in most urgent care centers. It’s easy to use that time to take a summer vacation, exhale, and relish the relative absence of chaos. Alternatively, though, we can get a leg up on the competition and push down on the accelerator.

A former mentor of mine encouraged me to lift my head up from the day-to-day business activities and take time to think and act strategically while also preparing for the future. He told me there had to be a disciplined approach to going from being a “down and in” to an “up and out” thinker. So, if you’re not lucky enough to be in a place where there is an uptick in seasonal summer volume, we have some suggestions of up and out things to do on your summer break.

1. Boost your volume with new business through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Reach out to TriWest Healthcare Alliance to care for our nation’s eligible veterans covered through the VA in partnership with TriWest. The Urgent Care Association (UCA) has been advocating for this benefit and we are pleased to announce that veterans can now access urgent care services nationwide without pre-authorization.

2. Attend one of the UCA Accreditation Workshops in Warrenville, IL (a Chicago suburb), August 7-8, or November 5-6 directly following the NERUCA conference in Springfield, MA. Whether maintaining or pursuing UCA accreditation, or simply interested in benchmarking your own internal quality and safety standards, this workshop provides hands-on opportunities and tools to succeed, including a mock survey. Consistent application of policy saves money, and attention to quality grows and differentiates your business. For more information, go to www.ucaoa.org/workshop.

3. Create opportunities for new patients by signing up to be part of the UCA Gateway2Better Network. This is truly a case of “chicken and egg.” UCA is consistently contacted by organizations seeking regional or nationwide access to urgent care centers. This occurs so frequently that we elected to create a national network of member centers. Your organization may opt in or opt out of any new business opportunity we bring you, so signing up is risk-free. We need to build the network to fully market it and ultimately deliver patients to your door. Take a few moments to join the G2B Network at www.ucaoa.org/G2BN or call (331) 472-3745 to learn more.

4. Use downtime to attend summer school via UCA’s robust library of online education. Whether signing up to pursue your Certified Urgent Care Management Professional (CUCMP) designation, honing your clinical skills, adding a new service, or seeking opportunities to run a better business, we’ve got you covered. Check out www.ucaoa.org/summerschool for details.

5. Surf UCA Link for the best pricing on services and products. Membership matters, and we’ve negotiated great pricing on behalf of our members with UCA vendor members. They’re offering savings you’ve never seen before on products and services designed to enhance your practice.

UCA is focused on member success, and these are just a few suggestions available in our portfolio. The UCA team stands ready to assist you and customize the best use of your summer vacation. So, step on the gas and gear up for a great fall!


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