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INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES: Stop losing patients to the chain drug stores

Posted: Jun 26, 2019
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Author: UCA Admin

Talk to QCP and find out how easily you can set up an urgent care dispensing model with low-cost medications today!

Posted by Pat Earl, Senior VP Supply Chain & Strategic Development, Quality Care Products LLC

What are you waiting for?  DISPENSING IS YOUR MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR OPPORTUNITY IN 2019.  One of the top 5 REASONS people choose the Chain Drug Store and not your urgent care clinic is THEY CAN PICK UP THEIR MEDS AT THE POINT-OF-CARE in Retail Pharmacy thereby saving them about one hour, on average. Offering patients On-Demand Medicine in Urgent Care setting makes a lot of sense. TIME IS MONEY! 

We are seeing the large chain pharmacies adding more health care services in their drug stores.  According to Jansen Bruce in the Health Leaders Media, November 15, 2018 report, “industry experts expect these pharmacy health care services could eventually include urgent care centers, or at least provide similar services.”

Filling prescription meds on-site to patients visiting the urgent care makes a lot of sense.  Statistics list “access to point-of-care dispensing”, helps patient start healing faster.  Patients love the convenience of one-stop-shop experience.  We see that in the marketing by these chain drug stores and proven by the services they have added over recent years. In addition to filling scripts, they have in-store clinics staffed by physicians and PA’s, flu shots, vaccinations; patient assistance and counseling. 

QCP can help find unique opportunities to grow bottom-line profitability by setting up an urgent care dispensing model. QCP believes that a solution for urgent care centers is point-of-care dispensing and will contribute, in a large way, to the goal of improving patient outcomes. Urgent Care centers are on the front lines of patient care and understand the important role of delivering quality health care to patients when they need it most. In today’s competitive environment, it is imperative to continue to innovate and differentiate each center among the increasing number of options available to meet the needs of patients during critical moments. Optimizing operational efficiencies and improving revenue are essential for future success.

Partnering with QCP, Urgent Care centers can grow with a simple solution to have the ability to supply pre-packaged formulary meds in the clinic dispensary setup by our experienced field support team.  Avoiding the risk of loss of that patient’s visit to your urgent care and by practicing “match the hatch”, practitioners at point of initial interaction shows this model can improve compliance by ensuring they receive their prescribed medication before leaving the urgent care. 

We welcome you to visit www.qcpmeds.com to learn more about the turnkey services offered to UCA members. QCP’s Dispensing System is a perfect match. That is why patients choose to pick up prescriptions in a convenient and confidential environment. Utilizing a fully integrated dispensing solution that is competitively priced with a broad range of medications to support formulary requirements is a simple solution to getting the right drug in the right hands of patients at the right time. 

Call QCP (1-800-337-8603) or e-mail us (mark.holmes@qcprx.com) to get more information.

This blog article is a benefit of UCA's Corporate Support Partners (CSP) program. Thank you to QCP, a Diamond Level CSP. To learn more, contact UCA Director of Corporate Relations Jackie Stasch at 331-215-6063.



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