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CEO INSIGHTS: Mission Accomplished

Posted: Apr 29, 2019
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Posted by Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC, Urgent Care Association CEO

UCA2019 Oceans of Opportunity is in the books! In late 2018, the decision was made to move to one all-encompassing convention. UCA’s 2019 Annual Convention & Expo is the inaugural year for creating this new experience. Colleagues, vendors, and healthcare leaders convened in West Palm Beach for 4+ days of action-packed education, networking, celebration, and thought leadership.

Specialty sections convened and boards met to refine and implement strategic initiatives. Chapter members gathered to address state and regional issues impacting the industry. We’d also like to welcome our newest state chapter, TexUCA, representing members in the great state of Texas!

The Foundation held its annual Awards Celebration recognizing exceptional individuals and organizations who have contributed to the industry, the association, and their communities. The event was truly a success, with money raised to support the Foundation’s mission of advancing the urgent care industry through research, innovation, and philanthropy. During the event we also inducted four new Fellows into the College of Urgent Care Medicine. The opportunity to become a Fellow was previously something only physicians could pursue; but, we are excited that a nurse practitioner and a physician assistant have now earned the FCUCM distinction based on a new set of criteria.

What’s New?

The Gateway2Better Network (G2B Network) was introduced as a member benefit with the goal of delivering patients to your door and disrupting traditional patient-access methodologies. An antibiotic stewardship symposium was held with industry stakeholders and representatives from the Centers for Disease Control. Opportunities to distinguish your organization through Antibiotic Stewardship Commendation as a sole award or as an optional add-on distinction to UCA Accreditation were outlined. Certification is going international, and the first organizations pursuing it were recognized.

The 2019 faculty was unprecedented, replete with clinical experts, industry leaders, healthcare visionaries, and regulatory prognosticators and raised the bar for future events.

Leadership & the Election

Our members chose their new Board. We look forward to the leadership provided by Tom Charland, Lou Ellen Horwitz, Lori Japp, and Shaun Ginter. And it’s always good to look forward and look back. As UCA celebrated its 15-year anniversary, we took time during opening ceremonies to celebrate all of our Past-Presidents who have volunteered their time, talent, and grit shepherding UCA to where it is today. Pictures of the opening ceremonies and many other event activities can be found in the UCA 2019 Convention & Expo photo album on www.facebook.com/ucaoa.

We want to thank our (now) Past-President, Sean McNeeley, MD, for his commitment to advancing the agenda and strategic objectives of UCA. Dr. McNeeley served us all tirelessly and with great industry insight this past year. The gavel was passed to Richard Park, MD during the closing general session. Other officers elected include Shaun Ginter, President-elect, Lou Ellen Horwitz, Secretary, and Mike Dalton, Treasurer.

We hope you start making plans to join us May 3-6, 2020 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.  Having a single major event in a year allows us more time to plan and prepare. We’ll never stop trying to improve on the prior year, so our mission was accomplished, but we are already in pursuit of taking this to the next level. Save the date and experience the future at UCA2020!


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