About UCA

We believe Urgent Care is a requirement for a patient-centered healthcare ecosystem. 

UCA exists to ensure the advancement and long-term success of Urgent Care.

Communities count on Urgent Care’s easy access and quality. Urgent Care counts on UCA’s global leadership and voice.

UCA Fosters Togetherness
UCA Empowers Best Practice
UCA Champions Excellence
We connect thousands of professionals, so working in Urgent Care never has to feel lonely.
We set standards and share resources to improve and inspire each other.
We tell the stories that inform, educate and raise visibility for Urgent Care.
We are a Community
We are Experts
We are Advocates

Strategic Plan

UCA 2022-2023 Strategic Plan v3_Cover

The UCA 2022-2023 Strategic Plan is based upon three Strategic Pillars and Initiatives:

      • Upgrade Our Experience
  • Lead Our Industry
  • Transform Our Engagement

View the plan here. 


The association's bylaws were updated in January 2020 by unanimous vote of the board. 

As per the bylaws, the UCA financial statements are available for all members to review. The fiscal year is a calendar year. Articles of Incorporation can be found here.

Daily operations are managed by a Chief Executive Officer, a staff comprising full- and part-time professionals, and 2 urgent care industry consultants, overseen by the UCA Board of Directors.

"We advance our industry and support success through advocacy, education, research, collaboration and high standards of excellence."

Urgent Care Association (UCA) is recognized as the largest, most notable trade and professional association in Urgent Care with a membership of more than 4,000 Urgent Care centers representing Urgent Care clinical and business professionals from the United States and abroad.

What started as the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA), was founded on November 12, 2004 as a 501(c)6 by Don Kilgore, Dr. John Koehler, Dan Konow, Dr. William Meadows, Dr. Lee Resnick, Marge Simat, and Dr. David Stern. On May 7, 2018 UCAOA became the Urgent Care Association (UCA).


See how UCA has evolved and the work we've done over the years in our 15th Anniversary Timeline.

Dive in and learn the common words and acroynms of the Urgent Care Association.

UCA is a member association of leaders, care providers and suppliers in the field of on-demand, consumer-focused healthcare.

We exist to advance and distinguish the role of Urgent Care and on-demand medicine as a healthcare destination and support the ongoing success of our membership through education, advocacy, community awareness, benchmarking and promoting standards of excellence.