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Ebola Preparedness Webinar and Resources for Urgent Care
UCAOA continues to monitor and learn from the ongoing situation in Dallas to ensure that urgent care professionals have the most up-to-date information to protect themselves and patients from the threat of Ebola. UCAOA has established a web page devoted to Ebola preparedness resources as well as the ongoing threat of Enterovirus D68. This web page is continually updated with resources driven by the Centers for Disease Control and other government agencies and references breaking information available on this outbreak.

UCAOA Board Member and Clinical Advisor, Dr. William Gluckman, will present a free, live webinar on Monday, October 20, from 1-2pm Central. Register Now. This informative webinar will help ensure urgent care professionals are adequately prepared and comfortable with the current established protocols of dealing with infectious diseases, including the proper use of personal protection equipment, to limit the spread of Ebola among healthcare workers and patients. If you are unable to attend the webinar live it will be recorded and available to watch on the UCAOA website.

Urgent Care Quick Tips:
When a patient presents with possible Ebola symptoms, the following protocol is outlined for urgent care centers:
  • Obtain a thorough case history
  • Take great care to limit exposure, i.e. utilizing appropriate personal protective equipment including using gloves and masks
  • Immediately alert the local health department and the nearest appropriate hospital to any patient with exposure
  • Call 911 for ambulance transfer
  • Alert the receiving hospital
  • Immediately reach out to public health officials and, if necessary, implementing a quarantine with their assistance
  • Practice proper donning/doffing of personal protection equipment to ensure the virus does not spread within the urgent care center
  • Patients who are screened by phone: Direct to the nearest appropriate hospital
UCAOA is encouraging all urgent care healthcare workers, employees and operators to "think Ebola" from the beginning and exercise extreme caution with patients until the possibility of Ebola has been ruled out.
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2014 Fall Conference: Largest, most successful Fall event to date
The UCAOA 2014 Urgent Care Fall Conference in Denver has concluded and this year's event shattered all previous years' records for attendance. The revamped educational sessions were timely and forward thinking and many attendees expressed their praise for the high-quality programming and open track format. At the event, there was an attendee increase of more than 24% over any other Fall Conference and participants represented urgent care clinicians and professionals comprising physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses (55 percent) as well as center investors, owners, operators, administrators, and managers (45 percent). Additionally, the sold out Exhibit Hall featured more than 200 representatives from 78 different companies that were showcasing the urgent care industry's latest products, technology and services.

UCAOA President Dr. Nathan Newman opened the Fall Conference on Thursday, Oct. 9, with a high-level view of UCAOA activities including updates from Health & Public Policy, Education, Strategic Development & Partnerships, and Exhibitor Advisory Committees. Dr Newman also recognized the growing interest in UCAOA Accreditation. To date, UCAOA has accredited 9 organizations, representing 44 centers with hundreds more scheduled for surveys over the next few months. Thereafter, Keynote Speaker Scott Friedman, CSP, delivered his energetic and humor-filled presentation "The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It." Watch the Fall Conference Opening General Session and Keynote now!

Another Fall Conference highlight included the local TV station KDVR Fox News (Denver) filming an on-site feature about the conference and the urgent care industry's preparedness regarding infectious diseases such as Ebola. Watch the coverage now!

Most of the conference sessions were recorded and will be made available through the UCAOA Online Education portal, so watch for an announcement later on regarding how to purchase these sessions. Be sure to mark your calendars for the 2015 National Urgent Care Convention to be held April 27 to 30 in Chicago!

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Head in the Game: Cultivating the Mindset of a Successful Urgent Care Operator
Urgent care operators don’t typically learn about business and marketing concepts in the course of getting a medical degree but an entrepreneurial mindset is key for providers who want to run successful clinics. In this month's issue of JUCM, Alan A. Ayers, MBA, MAcc, offers expert guidance on tapping into your "inner entrepreneur" to market services to the community, identify new services, and foster patient experiences that lead to repeat visits and positive word of mouth. To read "Head in the Game: Cultivating the Mindset of a Successful Urgent Care Operator," turn to page 23 online (or in print).

The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine (JUCM) supports the evolution of urgent care medicine by creating content that addresses the clinical practice of urgent care medicine and the practice management challenges of keeping pace with an ever-changing healthcare marketplace. Are you an urgent care provider who would like to write for our journal? Send an email to editor@jucm.com for information on our author guidelines.

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When hiring, cast a wide net and promote your services
In fishing, the broader net you cast, the more likely you are to make a "prized catch." This principle also applies to hiring staff for an urgent care center. Advertise open positions using a variety of print and online channels including the local newspaper, career web sites like Monster and CareerBuilder, and using social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. But in addition to your job details, spend a little bit more to educate job seekers on your services. Not only will greater exposure increase your pool of applicants, but regardless of where they land, job seekers will eventually become ill, injured or require a physical or drug screen that your center can provide.

Additional Resource: Click here to view the UCAOA job board.

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US Med Urgent Care becomes a finalist recognized by the Society of Human Resource Management
Donna Schmidt, CEO of US Med Urgent Care, received a Certificate of Recognition as a Finalist of the "2014 When Work Works" awards at the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). US Med Urgent Care is one of eight companies in the state of Hawaii that was recognized. The award recognizes companies for meeting the rigorous standards set by the research of the SHRM, set in place to measure workplace effectiveness and flexibility into the community and business practice.
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Doctors Express Urgent Care hosts a convenient flu shot event
Bethel's Hamlethub
Doctors Express in Danbury, Conn. handed out drive-thru flu shots for its patients. Tents were set up in a local park to give patients ease and convenience of care. The flu shots were free for Medicare and Medicaid insurance card holders and only $20 for other patients. This was a part of Doctors Express’ efforts to better serve their community and to be a health care resource.
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Ebola preparedness needed at clinics
Modern Healthcare
After an Ebola scare at an urgent care clinic in Texas, the general public is concerned if these clinics and health centers are prepared to deal with the deadly virus. UCAOA Board Member and Clinical Advisor, Dr. William Gluckman was one of the industry leaders speaking in advocacy of urgent care’s readiness and preparation in handling Ebola. According to Dr. Gluckman most urgent care clinics have personal protection equipment on hand. The article also goes into detail how other urgent care centers and hospitals are preparing their staff against the viral threat. To view this content in detail please click the link below.
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Urgent care centers prep for flu, Ebola, enterovirus
The Press
Doctors and medical staff at urgent care facilities are bracing for an increase in patient visits and increased caution as flu season approaches and the Ebola virus and enterovirus D68 continue to be public health concerns. UCAOA Board Member Dr. John Kulin provides his insights regarding the two viruses, which are on people's minds; however, influenza will likely be the cause an influx of patient sick visits over the next several months.
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Treating Ebola costs $1k an hour
Becker's Hospital CFO
The cost of caring for Dallas Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan may reach $500,000. According to reports from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Mr. Duncan's costs drove up due to kidney dialysis and an investigational antiviral drug called brincidofovir. The cost of his stay was approximately $18,000 to $24,000 a day. Read more details surrounding Duncan's case.
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Facebook entertains the idea of being in healthcare
Becker's Health IT & CIO Review
While still in development, Facebook makes plans to make a greater impact in the healthcare industry. The social media conglomerate believes that healthcare related offerings could help increase user engagement with the social networking site. The company wants to give users access to online, disease-specific support communities or provide a developed preventive care app to improve health. Read more on Facebook's initiative into Healthcare.
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2nd child dies from enterovirus D68
The Washington Post
The death of 21-month-old Madeline Reid from Michigan became the second confirmed fatality directly associated with enterovirus D68, health officials said Saturday. The CDC said close to 700 people, mostly children, in 46 states and Washington, D.C., have been infected with the virus. Read more and be sure to let us know if your urgent care center is seeing an influx of EV-D68 by taking our brief survey.
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