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July 23, 2015

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Survey results: Translation services in urgent care
UCAOA conducted a brief survey of urgent care centers that offer translation services to communicate with patients who are of limited English proficiency (LEP) and/or vision or hearing impaired. Of those that participated, 82% responded that their urgent care center offers translation services.Click herefor the full results.
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Additional Resource:Look back at previous UCAOA mini survey data by accessingData Insights.


Language Interpretation Services in the Urgent Care Center
Journal of Urgent Care Medicine
Cultivating trust requires good communication and if a language barrier stands between patient and provider, not only are clinical outcomes jeopardized, but the urgent care operation can be subject to legal liability.This articlewritten by Alan A. Ayers, MBA, MAcc, details medical interpretation services for urgent care operators including legal considerations, steps to offering the services, and what to do when an on-site interpreter isn’t possible.
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Additional Resource:Purchase the UCAOA recording Language Translation & Accessibility Compliance(Members $50/Non-members $70)

How to successfully kill employee motivation
B2B Marketing Insider
Creating an environment that allows your employees to thrive is essential in creating a strong work culture. This will help promote growth, creativity, and an innovative work environment that will only result in success for your brand. This article outlines the 5 things that can kill your employees’ motivation.
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Urgent Care M&A Bolts 118%
2014 was a break-out year for urgent care M&A, with evidence as clear as the first line on an eye-chart.

Anyoneof these data points or developments is a sign of a vibrant M&A climate. Put them all together, vibrant quickly becomes voracious.

Our just released edition of marketWATCH:TBG Spring 2015 marketWATCH: Urgent Care


CDC releases infection prevention guide for outpatient care
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The CDC has released a guide and checklist to help healthcare professionals prevent infections in outpatient settings. The CDC suggests that outpatient facility staff should develop and maintain infection prevention and occupational health programs that include written infection-prevention policies and procedures appropriate for the services provided by the facility (e.g. urgent care center) as well as provide infection prevention training for staff and ensure that adequate infection prevention supplies are available.Access the guideto use as an internal assessment, and use thechecklistto perform audits and quality assurance evaluations. For those centers pursuingUCAOA Accreditation, having an infection control program in place is one of the required standards.
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  • Drug-resistant bacteria possess natural ability to become vulnerable to antibiotics
    New research by a team at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis suggests it may be possible to rein in the spread of antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" without the need to develop new antibiotics.
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    Additional Resources:MRSA Colonization Lasts Longer Than Thought After Treatment(JUCM) |Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole Versus Vancomycin for Severe MRSA(JUCM)


    Congress considers easing barriers to urgent care for TRICARE — take action today!
    In June, the U.S. Senate passed legislation authorizing funding for the Department of Defense for 2016. Included in that bill is a provision that would allow TRICARE beneficiaries to access up to four urgent care visits without first needing to obtain pre-authorization for those visits. The House version of the Defense authorization bill does not include this language.Your help is needed: Act today!It takes less than 5 minutes of your time but it can have a huge impact on the urgent care industry and perhaps even more importantly, for U.S. veterans!
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    VisualDx: What's the Diagnosis
    A 45-year-old man presented at urgent care with bilateral ocular pain, excessive tearing, and bloodshot eyes. The patient said he had the sensation of a foreign body lodged in his eye and his vision was reduced. He said that normally he wore contact lenses non-stop, but he changed to his glasses due to the pain that developed in the last two days. Use the VisualDx differential builder to make a diagnosis! For the quiz answer, visit:visualdx.com/ucqz/06
    Promoted by[VisualDx]
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    Hands-on Clinical Boot Camp: Training for all urgent care clinicians
    This isn’t your traditional learning environment! Take your clinical skills learning to the next level with an affordable, succinct workshop offered at the 2015 Fall Conference Hands-on Clinical Boot Camp (Sept. 25-26). Practice the skills most used in the urgent care environment and receive personalized instruction from qualified urgent care clinicians and owners. To view the 5 available workshops, download thepreliminary program,access this web page, orview the Fall Conference education tracks. Tuition is a flat $25 fee added to the Fall Conference tuition, making our hands-on courses one of the most cost-effective options in urgent care training.Act fast; classes are more than 60 percent at capacity already.
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    T Sheets Digital for Urgent Care
    In the increasingly competitive urgent care market, the ability to document quickly and accurately while providing quality care is critical.

    T Sheets Digital is the most efficient, effective and affordable solution for urgent care.

    The ICD-10-ready and urgent care-specific content helps you streamline processes, improve throughput and increase patient satisfaction.

    Ambassador Program, opportunity for free Fall Conference tuition
    The UCAOA Ambassador Program is an exclusive opportunity for members to be rewarded for their volunteerism at the upcoming Fall Conference (Sept. 24-26, 2015 in New Orleans). UCAOA is offering 3 ways to volunteer at the2015 Fall Conference, and depending on your level of involvement, you can earn from25 to 100 percent off your tuition.Act soon; this opportunity expires August 21.
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    Sponsor a community attraction
    The Buffalo Zoo is a popular attraction for community residents and tourists. When parking became an issue, the zoo partnered with area businesses to help resolve the problem. Through a partnership opportunity with the zoo, MASH Urgent Care sponsored a custom-designed Zoofari shuttle, which is wrapped in a full-color graphic featuring popular animal residents and the MASH Urgent Care logo. Parents and other patrons see the center’s logo as they board the free shuttle both going to and coming from the zoo, which is great advertising exposure.
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    A Podcast for Urgent Care Clinicians

    Looking for CME you’ll actually enjoy?
    Urgent Care: Reviews And Perspectivesis a monthly audio CME program with 3.5 hours of cutting-edge urgent care education. Get a healthy dose of humor and fun while reviewing changing practice patterns, covering new literature, reinforcing core concepts, and interviewing the best and the brightest.Start Listening For Free


    10,000 people are now enrolling in Medicare, every day
    A record surge in Medicare enrollment is underway and expected to continue for the next 15 years, as Baby Boomers age into their golden years. The total number of Medicare beneficiaries is also expected to double within the next 20 years, totaling 80 million by 2035. Some analysts have dubbed the coming wave of change "silver tsunami," and it has huge ramifications for the rest of our economy, especially for the healthcare industry.
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    There are workplaces and there are work families.

    Patient First offers excellent benefits packages, flexible hours, and competitive compensation for Physician and Physician Assistants.
    Faster, More Accurate Diagnosis
    VisualDx: An award-winning, web-based clinical decision support system designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy, aid therapeutic decisions, and improve patient safety at the point of care.MORE

    CVS Health chief on meeting consumer, physician needs
    Becker's Hospital Review
    Executive Vice President of CVS Health and President of CVS Pharmacy Helena Foulkes spoke on how technology can — and can't — help reach today's increasingly independent healthcare consumer during a recent roundtable discussion. Foulkes said she believes consumers care more about their finances than their health, and need more easily accessible cost information to help them make decisions regarding out of pocket care.
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    First, do no harm: When healthcare practitioners work while sick
    By Dorothy L. Tengler
    "Go to school. You'll be fine," or "If I miss work, I'll be fired." These are common misconceptions most of us have learned throughout life. Why is it so difficult for us to stay home when ill? The reasons are different for each of us. For the general public, one reason is more than 40 million American workers get no paid sick leave. But what about healthcare professionals? When clinicians work with symptoms of infection, they can put patients and colleagues at risk.
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    Despite ONC's guidance, most providers have no health IT roadmap
    By Scott E. Rupp
    Most healthcare providers are aware of the role of digital health in enhancing healthcare efficiency. Yet more than half of healthcare providers still do not have a health IT roadmap — despite the proposed roadmap released in January by the Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Connected health infrastructure is emerging as a binding agent for diverse devices and workflows, aiding diagnosis, monitoring and prevention in the healthcare industry.
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    Congress considers easing barriers to urgent care for TRICARE; take action today!
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    Brief survey: Translation services in urgent care

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