UC Access June 11, 2015
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June 11, 2015

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Survey results: Patient visit increase due to ACA
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, before the Affordable Care Act in 2009 about 48.6 million or 15.7 percent of the population was uninsured. As of March 2015, HHS reported a total of 16.4 million covered due to the ACA between the Marketplace, Medicaid expansion, young adults staying on their parents plan, and other coverage provisions. UCAOA conducted a brief survey to determine if the newly insured are translating into more patient visits for urgent care centers. Of those individuals that participated, 41 percent said yes that ACA has increased their patient visits. See the full results
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Additional Resource: Look back at previous UCAOA mini survey data by accessing Data Insights.


Forget that extra mile: Employees who only say no

Guest blogger Paul Edwrads
Employee disengagement is pandemic in the American workplace. At urgent care centers, operators have to work especially hard to keep frontline staff members motivated. Re-engaging employees starts with a strong management culture committed to establishing affinity with employees and ensuring that systems and processes support day-to-day operations. In this practice management article, guest blogger Paul Edwards gives advice on how to deal with employees who just won't go the extra mile ... or even an inch or two out of their way. Please note, content for logged in members only. This article provides 1 UCMC credit in Human Resources.
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Additional Resources: Using the FIRR technique when you need to confront an employee | Is your center a soap opera? How to squash workplace drama | 10 ways to keep your staff engaged at work

Urgent care centers drawn to shoppers
San Antonio Express-News
A positive article on the growth of the urgent care industry made front-page news of the June 6 edition of the San Antonio Express-News. The article has several quotes from UCAOA Board Member and Practice Management Content Advisor Alan Ayers, MBA, MAcc, as well as cites many statistics from UCAOA. Ayers discusses the growth of urgent care as a consumer-driven phenomenon and retail facilities can be very easily repurposed for medical use, like urgent care, to meet the demand for convenient, cost-effective health care.
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Additional Resources: Urgent care centers proliferate as popularity of retail health heats up | Retail clinics seek mall space to reach wider patient base

Urgent Care M&A Bolts 118%
2014 was a break-out year for urgent care M&A, with evidence as clear as the first line on an eye-chart.

Any one of these data points or developments is a sign of a vibrant M&A climate. Put them all together, vibrant quickly becomes voracious.

Our just released edition of marketWATCH: TBG Spring 2015 marketWATCH: Urgent Care


Study: Statins not to blame for memory loss
United Press International
Despite previous assertions, a study of nearly one million people shows that statins themselves most likely do not cause short-term memory loss. Researchers believe that "detection bias" is to blame for the high number of patients who report short-term memory loss in the first 30 days after beginning to take statins.
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CDC adds H3N2 strain to next flu vaccine
HealthDay News
The CDC announced that components of the "2015-16 season vaccine have been changed to more optimally match circulating viruses." Next season's vaccine will include the H3N2 strain, which dominated the past flu season, H1N1 and an influenza B component. A quadrivalent vaccine will also be available.
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EHR, Practice Management, Care Coordination

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    Fall Conference poster presentations, conference registration
    New this year at the Fall Conference, UCAOA is planning to showcase poster abstract presentations. If you’re an urgent care clinician or business professional with important or novel information to share on such topics as technology, communications, medicine, center operation, or other areas, UCAOA is holding a call for abstracts. To submit your poster presentation and learn more about criteria, click here. Act fast; the deadline to respond is Wednesday, July 1.

    Registration for the 2015 Fall Conference (Sept. 24-26) is underway and trending high. If you have not already registered, act now to secure early tuition, which expires June 18. UCAOA is also advising all participants of the Fall Conference to secure hotel accommodations early as New Orleans is a popular destination for meeting attendees and tourists.

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    Online Education, Spring Recordings released
    Open the door to your online education by purchasing the UCAOA 2015 Spring Convention recordings. Purchase the entire convention bundle — best value — or individual sessions based on a particular topic. CME and UCMC credit is available for the recordings. If you attended the 2015 Spring Convention (April 27-30), you receive free access to the recordings, and you should have received an email with access instructions (if you have questions, please email education@ucaoa.org.) If you're an urgent care clinician or practice management business professional, search the UCAOA Online Education portal for 245 hours of urgent care-specific courses and 230 hours of CME topics. All purchased recordings and webinars will reside in My Library as well as be tracked through My Credits.
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    VisualDx: What's the Diagnosis?
    A few weeks after a camping trip in Connecticut, a 24-year-old woman went to her local urgent care center with flu-like symptoms of myalgia, arthralgias, headache, and fever. She reported having an annular lesion on her leg shortly after the trip. Use the VisualDx differential builder to make a diagnosis! For the quiz answer, visit facebook.com/visualdx on June 16.
    A. Erythema multiforme
    B. Pityriasis rosea
    C. Lyme disease
    D. Tinea corporis

    Promoted by VisualDx
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    Webinar: Workplace Violence & Chemical Dependency in Urgent Care Centers
    Sixty percent of workplace assaults occur in healthcare facilities, according to the International Healthcare Security and Safety Foundation. Be better equipped to manage and respond to a potential workplace incident by attending UCAOA's one-hour webinar Workplace Violence & Chemical Dependency in Urgent Care Centers to be held on Thursday, June 18 from 1-2pm CT. Organizational Psychology expert, Kelly Ogle will explain how interpersonal relationships, environments and organizational policies in the workplace can greatly impact center operations and staff safety. Register now; member $50, non-member $70
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    Using LinkedIn to bring in more business
    There's more to LinkedIn than just resumes, and Influence & Co. CEO John Hall covers a range of strategies small-business owners can use to engage with their networks and attract new customers. It's important to regularly post quality content, include links to increase traffic on your web site and reference other influential individuals when appropriate, he writes.
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    Additional Resource: UCAOA members, download the FREE UCAOA media toolkit, filled with community event ideas, press release templates, talking points, and more | Share your great ideas with UCAOA, email amannina@ucaoa.org or rreed@ucaoa.org.

    T Sheets Digital for Urgent Care
    In the increasingly competitive urgent care market, the ability to document quickly and accurately while providing quality care is critical.

    T Sheets Digital is the most efficient, effective and affordable solution for urgent care.

    The ICD-10-ready and urgent care-specific content helps you streamline processes, improve throughput and increase patient satisfaction.


    Study questions effectiveness of computerized clinical decision support systems
    An analysis of the use of computerized clinical decision support systems regarding orders for advanced diagnostic imaging found that the systems failed to identify relevant appropriateness criteria for the majority of orders, according to a study in the June 2 issue of JAMA.
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    The link between patient satisfaction and nurse satisfaction
    By Keith Carlson
    The Atlantic recently published an article entitled, "The Problem With Satisfied Patients." The subtitle of the article — "A misguided attempt to improve healthcare has led some hospitals to focus on making people happy, rather than making them well" — makes the focus of the piece quite clear. This piece underscores the reality that hospital reimbursements are now being linked to patient satisfaction scores. But what would happen if we focused on nurse satisfaction?
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    There are workplaces and there are work families.

    Patient First offers excellent benefits packages, flexible hours, and competitive compensation for Physician and Physician Assistants.
    Faster, More Accurate Diagnosis
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    Can human resources help cure our healthcare crisis?
    Finding and retaining qualified talent is one of the major healthcare crises facing the industry, and it's only going to get worse. The World Health Organization forecasts a shortage of 12.9 million healthcare workers by 2035, up 79 percent from today's 7.2 million gap. But the news isn't quite so dire for high-performing healthcare organizations that are finding the antidote in strategic human resources, leadership development and targeted employee training and education.
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