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Purchase the most comprehensive, cost-effective urgent care research on the market!

The 2015 Benchmarking Survey Results, based on 2014 data, is now available via our online platform and PDF report. Access to the intuitive, online platform is sold as an annual subscription, which allows users to access 2013 and 2014 data to trend robust reports. The PDF report now contains new metrics as well as supportive comparative data from outside sources. Visit the UCAOA Store to purchase!

If you’re opening an urgent care center or currently are an urgent care owner/operator, financial advisor, private equity investor, or media representative, the UCAOA Benchmarking Survey Results provides crucial insight into the ever-changing urgent care industry.

Buy your annual subscription now* or play in the sandbox to see the interactive platform!

*Platform access is free if you participated in the survey. To view 2013 and 2014 data, log in using your same participant credentials as when you inputted data.

Sandbox Demo

Before you purchase an annual subscription, see how the online platform, metrics and reporting capabilities function by logging in to the Sandbox (demo) version. 

User: sandbox
Password: sandbox (case sensitive)

Major Trends

The Benchmarking Survey Results highlights and categorizes the major trends in the urgent care industry, formatted as easy-to-understand metrics for a unique, user-friendly experience. The Benchmarking Survey Results will quickly become your go-to resource for making informed urgent care business decisions as well as educating the public and payers about the urgent care industry.

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