Hands-on Clinical Boot Camp
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Register by September 21 at 11:59pm CDT. Thereafter, registration is on site only by a first-come, first-served basis. 

Splinting and Casting | Thursday, Sept. 29 | 8:30am-5:30pm

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Gain practical knowledge on how to apply and remove fiberglass and plaster splints and casts. Determine what the appropriate splint is for the most common upper extremity injuries and understand the pros and cons of using plaster versus fiberglass. Learn how to also select the appropriate anesthetic based on the extent of the injury and evaluate x-rays.

Musculoskeletal Exam | Thursday, Sept. 29 | 8:30am-12:30pm

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Musculoskeletal symptoms are among some of the most common reasons for urgent care visits by patients. Acute injuries constitute the most common reasons for these visits in urgent care. Urgent care providers are routinely required to assess these patients in limited time, perform any radiographic studies, if needed, and then decide on the management based on their evaluations. One important aspect of these evaluations that holds special significance is the physical examination of these injuries/ injured areas. A good physical exam is an integral part of these evaluations, as it helps develop an appropriate differential diagnosis, and also helps determine the need for further radiographic studies, or other advanced imaging studies. A thorough physical exam can also help in avoiding any unnecessary radiographic studies.

This course focuses on helping urgent care providers develop and enhance their skills for performing a detailed musculoskeletal exam for patients presenting with these symptoms at an urgent care center. Providers get the opportunity to learn the physical exam skills that focus on upper and lower extremities, and also other areas such as the back. The course focuses on both basic and special tests designed to assess particular pathologies and etiologies. After attending this course, urgent care providers will be able to perform a fast yet detailed musculoskeletal physical exam, develop a reasonable differential diagnosis and outline further management based on this assessment of their patients. 

Trying to determine if this course is for you? Take this quick 10-question quiz. If you score below 70%, you should consider registering for this course. 

Joint Injections | Thursday, Sept. 29 | 1:30-5:30pm

This course introduces active learners to the most commonly performed musculoskeletal injections of the shoulder, knee and elbow for an urgent care center. The use of various anesthetic agents and steroids is discussed along with indications, contraindications and precautions. Proper needle size, fluid volumes, landmarks, and techniques are practiced on simulated patients.

Advanced Suturing | Saturday, Oct. 1 | 1:15-4:45pm

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Designed for providers that are proficient in performing simple interrupted sutures and want to build on their skills. The Advanced Suturing course covers multi-layer closure, vertical and horizontal mattress stitch, running subcuticular stitch, and the Z-Plasty technique for difficult closures. Advanced techniques for anesthesia are also be discussed including some common nerve blocks. 


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