2016 Exhibiting & Sponsorship Opportunities
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Budgeting for UCAOA Events:


What to keep in mind when budgeting for 2017 events:

  • Sponsorships, branding or educational grant opportunities to extend your presence outside the exhibit hall
  • Carpet (UCAOA is a flooring-required exhibit; 2017 Spring venue is not carpeted)
  • Furniture/Wastebasket
  • Internet (if needed)
  • Electricity (if needed)
  • Booth cleaning (if needed)
  • Booth giveaway
  • Pre or post-show marketing postcard or mailing (creation, production and postage)
  • Any new signage, structure or element of your display
  • Staff travel, hotel, per diem for your staff

Exhibitor kits are available approximately 10 weeks prior to each event.

2017 Exhibit Booth Rates/Information:

coming soon

**Subject to change; See Exhibitor Kit for final agenda.

What is a PRIME BOOTH?

A select number of booths have been designated as PRIME booth space based on their proximity to the main entrance/main aisle   . Prime booths have a different booth rate and are exclusively available to Corporate Support Partners or companies that have invested $2,500 or more in sponsorships (over and above their booth investment) at that event.

You can become a Corporate Support Partner now! Explore the benefits and see who else is currently a UCAOA CSP!

Priority Points System

Points are awarded using the following system:

  • 1 point for each year exhibited during all consecutive years at UCAOA events.
  • 1 point for each booth purchased during all consecutive years at UCAOA events.
  • 1 point deducted for early tear-down without the prior consent of UCAOA.
  • Points also awarded for financial support including partnerships, educational grants, and/or
    sponsorships at UCAOA events. Points are not given for advertising.
    • 1 point for under $999
    • 2 points for $1,000 - $4,999
    • 3 points for $5,000 - $9,999
    • 4 points for $10,000 - $14,999
    • 5 points for $15,000 - $19,999
    • 1 additional point for each additional $5,000 increment

How it Works:

  • Company exhibits in 2012, 2013, and 2014 = 3 points
  • Company purchased 1 booth in 2012, 1 booth in 2013, and 2 booths in 2014 = 4 points
  • Company sponsored a lunch in 2012 for $3,000, 2 breaks in 2013 for a total of $5,000 and brief bags in 2014 for $9,000 = 5 points
  • Total points earned by Company going into 2015 = 12
  • If ABC Company returns for at least one UCAOA event (Spring Convention or Fall Conference) for each consecutive year, points will continue to accumulate.  If ABC Company does not attend at least one event in the next consecutive year, all points will be lost and will begin accumulating from zero the next year of exhibiting.

Booth Placement Process

UCAOA places ISLAND booths first (booths 20’ x 20’ or larger) in priority point order.  Please note: exhibitor must pay for any booth “lost” by the creation of an island. These “lost” booths will be charged at the lowest inline booth rate (no discount will be applied). “Lost” Prime booths will be charged at the lowest Prime booth rate.

If you plan to commit to an island booth at the UCAOA Urgent Care Fall Conference, complete this form by May 27, 2016. Companies who do not pre-commit to an island booth may still secure an island based on available booth space at the time of their priority placement assignment.

Any Vendor Coalitions must be contracted at this time so the points of the coalition can be combined to determine the total points of the coalition =booth placement assignment.

After islands are placed, and coalitions finalized – any company who has points will receive an appointment time for an online booth selection/payment.  

After priority point placement is complete, the exhibit hall floor opens to the public on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is a Vendor Coalition?


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