Urgent Care Awareness Month

In May, join Americans across the country to learn more about the convenience, high-quality care and affordability offered at urgent care centers in your area. When you or someone in your family has a common illness, a non-life threatening injury, or one of many other medical needs, urgent care centers are great options. The Affordable Care Act caused a mass influx of newly-insured patients in the healthcare landscape, and the urgent care industry has responded.


  • There are more than 6,400 centers nationwide
  • An average of 14,000 patients visit each urgent care center each year
  • New centers are opening regularly in convenient locations
  • 83 percent of existing centers are expecting to expand service
  • Urgent care centers are an ideal choice for non-life-threatening medical situations that require immediate attention, such as sprains, broken bones, the flu, colds and other common illness
  • Patients can find conveniently-located urgent care centers near them at: www.whereisurgentcare.com

Problem to Solve

  • Many patients still are not aware of how valuable urgent care can be for a wide variety of common medical needs. Urgent Care Awareness Month aims to educate patients about the role urgent care can play in their lives.

Why Urgent Care is Important

  • Urgent Care Awareness Month was established to recognize the growth of the industry, and to let patients across the country know that urgent care centers are ready and available to make their lives easier and healthier.
  • While urgent care will never take the place of a primary care doctor for ongoing or chronic care, and is not a replacement for the emergency room in life- or limb-threatening situations, the thousands of urgent care centers across the country bridge the gap between these options and provide an affordable, convenient choice for many common medical issues.
  • Urgent care centers offer convenient, affordable, high-quality treatment during the evenings and weekends – aspects of health care that are becoming more and more important to people.
  • Sometimes, illness or injury may demand medical attention at a time when a primary care provider is unavailable for a visit; urgent care serves that walk-in need.

About the Urgent Care Association of America

  • The Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA) is a membership association for urgent care health and management professionals, clinics and those who support the urgent care industry. UCAOA provides educational programs in clinical care and practice management, has a monthly Journal of Urgent Care Medicine and maintains an active online presence and member community for daily exchange of best practices. UCAOA provides leadership, education and resources for the successful practice of urgent care for its members. For more information visit www.ucaoa.org.