Certified Urgent Care (CUC) Program
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The UCAOA Certified Urgent Care (CUC) program has been the leading force to define and answer what is an urgent care center. CUC facilities have met nationally standardized criteria, demonstrating their commitment to provide patients with high-level care.

Since 2009, the UCAOA CUC program has grown to more than 900 certified centers nationwide, becoming synonymous with excellence. As a result, an increasing amount of payers are now accepting the CUC designation in lieu of their own credentialing process. 

Now is the time to distinguish your center!

Getting started:

  1. Examine the eligibility for certification as an urgent care center
  2. Review the required criteria for an urgent care center
  3. Become familiar with the application fees and deadlines
  4. Review the FAQs 
  5. Review a sample application and examples of supporting documentation
  6. Check out the CUC search listing
  7. Apply for the CUC program online or by mail

Urgent care facilities with the CUC designation have:

  • A mark of distinction to educate your community and stakeholders and eliminate confusion with other kinds of providers
  • A tool for negotiation to provide a national benchmark for discussing higher fee schedules
  • An edge in marketing to clearly and effectively describe your level of services

Benefits received upon approval:

  • Formal approval letter
  • Certified Urgent Care Center certificate
  • Certified Urgent Care Center window sticker
  • Outlines describing to your patients and payers what your CUC designation means
  • Printed sample of memo to payers
  • Printed press release sample

* Note for Currently Certified Urgent Care Centers about Changes in Name, Ownership or Location:

Changes in name or physical address or reprinting a CUC certificate require completing the appropriate attestation form(s) listed below along with an administrative fee of $25 UCAOA Member/$50 Non-member per center location:

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